Know Hope: Are The Color Morale teasing a comeback?

Though the band created 5 full-length albums and inspired genuine hope through their passionate lyrics and post-hardcore sound, The Color Morale went on hiatus a couple years ago – much to the dismay of their passionate fanbase. Their message of hope through life’s trials and tribulations was one that was easy to relate to for the average fan, and while their hiatus wasn’t considered a permanent one, there wasn’t really any timeline for possible new music. However, that looks like it’s changed now.

As our friends at Phenixx Gaming note, vocalist Garret Rapp has been retweeting fan responses to tweets, as well having The Color Morale’s Spotify Year In Review pinned to the top of his page. Now, Rapp also tweeted a photo of a microphone, presumably in the studio up to something as well.

The band celebrated its 10 year anniversary of We All Have Demons last year with a number of fan responses online, so here’s hoping the positive band will end up doing something this year. It certainly looks that way!