Chimaira’s Mark Hunter confirms reunion show in December 2017 – “It’s On”

Over the course of 7 full-length albums and 15+ years of destruction, Chimaira’s part in the NWOAHM was a great one, to be sure. Especially on their self-titled album and its follow-up, Resurrection, the band evolved from an aggressive nu-metal tinged band to one that was a powerful force of metalcore, death metal, and other metal subgenres. However, the band was eventually laid to rest a few years back.

There’s news, though. Vocalist Mark Hunter has announced that Chimaira is planning a reunion show in Cleveland, Ohio at the end of the year – December 30th, to be exact. You can read all the details below. Whether this is just one show or the (re)start of something more, we’re not sure – but this is exciting nonetheless. This is also the last incarnation of the band’s original, classic lineup, according to The PRP.