Nomadic: ‘We said F**k the Lines’ Tampa’s Rising Death Metal Act Releases Debut EP ‘Horror’


Nomadic is the next band from Tampa to become legendary. This is one of the few bands whose sound and style is unmatched. With influences ranging from modern death metal to horror films, this band makes being creepy absolutely brutal. This theme is consistent throughout the EP, and you’ll be unable to escape its grasp. Picture the scariest horror film amplified, and you have the “Horror” EP.

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Members of The Drama Club and An Albatross Reunite to Form Death Valley Dreams


DEATH VALLEY DREAMS, the brand new 4 piece indie rock/new wave/neo-psychedelic/post-punk band from the woods of Pennsylvania released their debut EP on January 15th digitally worldwide.  The band consists of long time friends and band-mates Nick Coyle (The Drama Club, Stardog Champion) and Jon Nova (The Drama Club, An Albatross), who recently reunited,  along with other long time friends and band-mates Ryan Dougherty and Matt Rutkoski.

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