DIVIDE THE FALL release new single and music video for ‘Bring You Down’

With their new EP slated to be released at the end of the summer, the members of DIVIDE THE FALL have released yet another memorable song. Following the release of their song I Won’t Fade Away in 2019,  Bring You Down is another song that you will have stuck in your head for days!

Bring You Down contains captivating lyrics that grab your attention from the start. Melodic harmonies and stunning, clean vocals carry you throughout the story of the song. With riffs that will leave you humming it long after the song ends the band shows a skill set that not even all veteran bands possess.

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN,  DIVIDE THE FALL is a band set to become a household name in the rock genre. Since the band formed in fall of 2017, their inception has been made up of countless regional and national tour dates; having shared the stage with such notable acts as All That Remains, Unearth, Secrets, Awaken I Am, Fire From The Gods + many more. DIVIDE THE FALL has also performed at notable music festivals including Metal in the Mountains and Energy Rock Festival. With lyrics and sound reminiscent of bands such as Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin, their songs are bound to be timeless.

As Bring You Down and I Won’t Fade Away have become fast fan favorites that bring the energy to every crowd, they are just a taste of what is yet to be released! Watch their newest video below and listen to the song on all streaming platforms:


Post-hardcore newcomers Chasing Hearts release debut single, “Make Me Believe”

We live in a time where there are so many ways for bands to pursue their passions in the music industry. Every band wants to find purpose and find their place in this mammoth world where over-saturation is rampant. Many musicians want to hold onto a sound that defines them as musicians, while developing older roots that defined their generation. This couldn’t be more true for Kentucky native band Chasing Hearts, who are no strangers to pursuing this dream. Though new and on the rise, this is a band that doesn’t need to search for their identity, as this debut song “Make Me Believe” confidently proves they have something interesting here.


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Check Out Up-and-Coming Shoegaze Savants, Muted Color

There is a massive list of smaller bands that are still in their local phase that are doing everything right but haven’t been elevated to stardom. High on that list for me is Muted Color, a Chicago-based Shoegaze/Dream-Pop band that has a powerful, refined sound. Being based in the same area, I have had the pleasure of discovering the band in their early-goings, as they only have an EP to their name so far.

2019’s Pastel saw the band display strong knowledge of the genre, concocting a perfect mix of eclectic tracks like “Glued to the Floor” with sentimental, slow songs like “Sunshine (Moonlight)”. The replayability for this EP is massive, as each song is as catchy as the last, making for a rare release where one can easily play it front-to-back with no temptation to skip. The band exhibits true artistry as they also provide listeners with gorgeous album art and incredible aesthetics in their videos.

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Texas progressive post-hardcore band Balsam Grove release new track, “Brace Yourself”

A three piece band from Texas, Balsam Grove is a band that wants to tell a story through adept lyricism and progressive post-hardcore sounds that emphasize technical finesse. With influences that trickle into their original instrumentals and vocal prowess such as Dance Gavin Dance, Saosin, and Underoath, it’s not hard to see such a sundry sound such as Balsam Grove gaining popularity much akin to the bands they are shaped by. The band formed in 2018 when Lee Hansen and Micheal Ermis met while studying sound recording at a community college in South Texas. The two were joined by drummer Bryan Renkes, guitarists Gavin Solis and Logan Wood, as well as producer Gigi Garcia who helped them record their debut EP.

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