21 years old, Strike Anywhere still sounds fresh on Nightmares of the West (review)

Nightmares of the West, 2020

Pissed-off Punk is welcome now more than ever, as the world is more than a hot mess. That’s the MO of Strike Anywhere, a band that’s been at it since 1999. For a band that hasn’t had a release since 2009, the political climate has changed quite drastically, and it’s ripe for criticism, and Strike Anywhere is looking to take advantage with their new EP, Nightmares of the West.

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Julianna Barwick mystifies and soothes with “Healing is a Miracle” (review)

Julianna Barwick, 2020. Photo by Jen Medina

It’s extremely rare that I come across music that actually gives me goosebumps. It’s one thing to get an emotional connection with a band, but something completely different when it resonates with you on first listen. Julianna Barwick’s “Inspirit” almost brought tears to my eyes when I took a look at July 10th’s releases and gave her a listen. Sounding downright heavenly, I knew I had to get a listen of her upcoming album, Healing is a Miracle.

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MODERN COLOR are at their best in “From The Leaves Of Your Garden” (review)


When Title Fight dropped Hyperview and Turnover released Peripheral Vision, it was clear that some artists in pop-punk wanted to branch out into new sounds. These bold changes weren’t for everyone, but I personally loved these shifts and came to love the expeditions into shoegaze and dreampop. As such, MODERN COLOR exudes a similar sound, so I’m eager to see what their third offering, From the Leaves of Your Garden, can accomplish.

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