The Fever 333 issue strong debut on new record, “STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS”


THE FEVER 333, a supergroup consisting of members of Night Verses, The Chariot, and Letlive, revealed themselves back in 2017 at a pop-up show from the back of a truck at Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, California on Independence Day. From there the band have gone from strength to strength, surprise releasing their EP in March, 2018,  supporting one of the UK’s biggest bands right now, Bring Me The Horizon, and appearing at many festivals and shows across the world, including a secret set at Download Festival! Continue reading

A Threnody For Modern (Metalcore) Romance: Revisiting It Dies Today’s 2004 debut album, “The Caitiff Choir”

It wasn’t too long ago that labels like Ferret and Trustkill Records helped to provide a springboard to burgeoning post-hardcore and metalcore bands. The genre wasn’t quite in the mainstream yet, but it was close. Bullet For My Valentine and Killswitch Engage, just to name a few, helped make this happen – but there were plenty of underappreciated (to an extent) bands in the genre that deserved more love. It Dies Today’s The Caitiff Choir is certainly worthy of that status,

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Hopesfall’s urgent, impassioned “Arbiter” might just be the best spacey metalcore album of 2018

Ignore the title, sort of. We had to reel you in somehow. Yet somehow, it does apply to this record.

Listeners of the more melodic need to strongly consider Hopesfall’s spacey metalcore masterpiece The Satellite Years as a record that helped to define multiple genres popular today. They were, and are, a pioneering band that merges shoegaze, ambient sections, space rock vibes, and noisy, emotionally gratifying metallic hardcore. Few bands approach their level of influence in music – remember that time every local band wanted to start an ambient hardcore project in 2012ish? I’m looking at you, Lead Hands/Decoder and Being As An Ocean.

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