LUNA AURA intrigues and impresses with debut “THREE CHEERS FOR THE AMERICAN BEAUTY” (review)


I’m always eager to give a listen to artists who stray from the beaten path of genres and tropes. LUNA AURA does just this, peeking her head into pop, alternative, grunge, and industrial in one fell swoop. There’s a high energy to her approach, an unabashedness that speaks out to the listener. LUNA AURA’s EP debut, THREE CHEERS FOR THE AMERICAN BEAUTY, will collect her recent singles into a rebellious, uplifting release this Friday. Let’s take a look:

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Alpha Wolf is metalcore’s much-needed kick in the teeth in “A Quiet Place To Die” (review)

Alpha Wolf. Alpha Wolf. Alpha Wolf.

You’ve surely heard about the band at this point of 2020, with several humongous singles making waves throughout the metalcore scene this year. I included them in my list “5 heavy bands that are poised to explode in 2020” and I’m still confident with that placement. The hate-filled act brought us the boisterous breakdown in “Akudama” and the pure vitriol of “Creep.” Now, it’s finally time for their album, a quiet place to die, to enter your ears.

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Guardrail solidify the moniker of Diet Punk in “Yikes” EP (review)

When Guardrail was presented to me, I did the usual social media checkout and realized that I had more than a dozen of old friends follow the “Diet Punk” band. At first, I was perplexed by that branding, but after listening to one song, it makes total sense and you’ll see why. These hometown heroes have been at it for half a decade, and are unleashing their third EP, Yikes, into the world this Friday.

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