Bury Tomorrow’s 5th album, “Cannibal”, adds to the great metalcore in 2020 (review)

Bury Tomorrow, 2020

It’s bewildering that my first exposure with Bury Tomorrow was hearing vocalist Dani Bates on Attack Attack’s “Lonely” in 2010. Soon after, I followed Bury Tomorrow with pensive interest as they released a steady stream of noteworthy albums, like The Union of Crowns and Earthbound. Now, the band is at record #6, with Cannibal seeking to complement the already-impressive discography.

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Forest Green – In Waves (review)

Forest Green, 2020

The midwest emo scene has been turbulent and transformative the past few years. Genre staples like Tiny Moving Parts, Charmer, and The World is a Beautiful Place have made waves with their happy-sounding, depressed-lyric forays, but the more tonal side of the genre lies in bands like Forest Green. With a more traditional, alternative approach, this band looks to impress with their debut LP, In Waves:

Emotional and vehement, In Waves kicks off with “5’6″ Ain’t Bad,” a personal diatribe in the vein of Chevelle and Filter. Adhering to the checklist of emo, there’s ample angst, somber guitar riffs, and a drum fill sprinkled in here and there. Leading single “Ivory” lyrically encapsulates the sadness within failure, with a striking outro instrumental fitting the mood exquisitely.

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Hear 12 deathcore guest vocalists on Lost Conduit’s new album “Astral” (review)

A list of the features on “Astral”

Collaboration across bands is both normal and welcome in the scene. But basing an entire album off of vocal features is a whole different beast. Lost Conduit has accomplished just that, featuring TWELVE vocalists across the genre of deathcore for their debut album Astral. This is going to make for a unique listen, almost a contest of who can hit the lowest gutturals and the highest squeals. Let’s take a listen to Astral:

Self-described as “Spacey / Djent / death metal vibes,” the synthy breakdown reveals this to be true in the title track opener. Riff-heavy, well-layered, and brutal, it’s like a beautiful mix of Born of Osiris and Rings of Saturn. Despite the insane amount of guest vocalists, Lost Conduit’s main vocalist, Justin Haskin (of Desolist), flexes a wide range of highs and lows, benefitted by production techniques to bring out his devastating delivery.

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Erabella’s sophomore EP, “The Familiar Grey,” shows promise (review)

Erabella, 2020

I’m always happy to give some coverage to a hometown hero band, and today, I get to do just that. Erabella, a post-hardcore band from Algonquin, Illinois, are gearing up to release their second EP, The Familiar Grey. This young, hungry group brings bellowing vocals atop focused instrumentals, echoing genre greats like Being as an Ocean and Capsize. Let’s take a look at Erabella’s sophomore effort:

The Familiar Grey begins with “Baudelaire,” displaying the shrill yells of vocalist Chris Hughes in an emotional address of separation. Once the instruments pick up, the integral melody brings necessary depth before a clean vocal chorus from guitarist Connor Rennels adds to the ache. Hughes’ pitch shift in the second verse shows versatility, as he continues the angst over forcible instrumentals.

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