Abigail Williams details first new album in 4 years, debut new song, “I Will Depart”

Purveyors of USA black metal for over a decade now, Abigail Williams have never been one to stagnate musically. All 4 of their full-length albums to date have been different enough to stand out, and while it’s been 4 years since AW dropped a proper full-length, the wait for new music from the metal band is over – in the form of “I Will Depart”.

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Loathe embark on a new era of music with two new singles, “Gored” + “New Faces In The Dark”

Loathe 2019. Photo by Olli Appleyard.

The 2017 release of their debut album The Cold Sun showed UK heavy band Loathe at an impressive creative peak early on. Nearly impossible to pin down in a single genre, The Cold Sun impressively threw together elements of post-hardcore, deathcore, metalcore, and industrial to create a record that threw music fans for a loop. Their split with Holding Absence last year, which included the single “White Hot”, was a continued evolution of their sound – and now Loathe are making more noise with two new singles, “Gored” and “New Faces In The Dark”.

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According to science, “American Idiot” and “Mr. Brightside” are among the most dangerous to listen to while driving

If you’re anything like us, you probably know that listening to brutal death metal while driving is one of the best ways to live your best life. For our part, we highly recommend Morbid Angel’s Altars Of Madness or maybe even Death’s Leprosy to get your fill of riffs on the road. Anyway, it brings up an interesting question – what music might actually be dangerous to listen to while driving?

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Panic! At The Disco earns third platinum single of 2019 with “Hey Look Ma, I Made It”

Photo: Getty Images

Here’s a few facts that will surprise absolutely no one. The Yankees, Astros, and Dodgers are all really good baseball teams this year, and it would be a shock if one of them didn’t win the World Series. Rock and metal? Some killer records this year all across the spectrum. Panic! At The Disco? Still extremely popular. Okay, so some of these are up for individual opinion, but whatever.

Anyway, Brendon Urie has really conquered the new streaming generation. “High Hopes” is one of the most-played songs on radio in history, and certainly within the spectrum of the 2010’s. While Pray For The Wicked (at least in our irrelevant opinion) wasn’t necessarily Panic’s best work, it certainly burst Urie through the roof as far as mainstream popularity. And now he’s got another accolade to celebrate, too.

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