Hangout Music Festival Lineup

Hangout Music Festival is well know for its one of a kind lineup, and this years lineup is no exception. Featuring some of the hottest acts on the charts, and some rising stars here’s the 2020 addition of the festival. Featuring some of our favorites Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, Bea Miller, Post Malone, Megan The Stallion, Doja Cat, The Aces and so many more. Who are you the most excited to see in the spring? Let us know in the comments below.

Stray Kids World Tour ‘District 9 : Unlock’ in USA

KPOP has taken over the US and for good reason, with catchy hooks, synchronized dance moves, and swoon worthy looks these groups are a package deal. JYP Entertainment and Subkulture Entertainment have partnered together to bring Stray Kids to the US and on their first ever world tour. This is their second time touring the US after playing this past May, they’ll be kicking off the new year in the following cities: New York on 1/29, Atlanta on 1/31, Dallas on 2/2, Chicago 2/5, Miami 2/7, Phoenix 2/9, San Jose 2/13, and wrapping up in Los Angeles 2/16. Check out their latest music video below and let us know your thoughts.





Oceano frontman Adam Warren joins Issues on stage for live performance of “Tapping Out” – watch

Currently finishing up their headlining Beautiful Oblivion tour in support of their genre-bending third full-length album, Issues are finishing 2019 in a very strong fashion. The band was also added (surprise, surprise) to Dance Gavin Dance’s 2020 headlining tour early next year as well.

Notably, though, that’s not the only awesome thing to happen to the band this week. Their standout single “Tapping Out” has quickly become a fan favorite, and Issues fans who might miss the heavier side of the band were certainly pleased. Oceano vocalist Adam Warren, who’s known well for his monstrous growls, joined the band on stage to perform the song live. Needless to say, heads would probably roll if this happened on an actual recording.

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Microsoft unveils highly-anticipated new system “Xbox Series X”

The 2019 edition of The Game Awards was certainly filled with a plethora of important announcements. The Playstation 5 having their first official game announcement (Godfall)? Check. Bravely Default II being announced for the Switch? Yup! A Fast & Furious game that will bring back some of the main cast from the films? Absolutely.

Few announcements, however, were as anticipated as both Sony and Microsoft unveiling their long-awaited new systems. Especially Xbox, who will be seeing a tactical take on their flagship Gears Of War series later in 2020, their new console is one that everyone is looking forward to. Now it has a name.

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