Hail the Sun finish new album, say it’s their “best work yet”

Releasing a new album every 2 years since 2014, Hail the Sun is back for more in 2020.

Announced in a social media post late Tuesday, the band’s newest album is all set to be released to the world. The band feels that it’s their best work yet, a bold claim considering the band’s unbelievable backlog. Jams like Wake‘s “Human Target Practice” and Culture Scars‘ “Paranoia” are memorable pieces of art, not to mention their discography’s deep cuts like POW! Right in the Kisser‘s “Sleep Now, and Forever Wet Your Dreams” are fantastic on their own.

Personally, I am all for a band backing their work hard enough to claim that it has never previously been superior. I look forward to new Hail the Sun whenever it gets its release this year!

TNF PREMIERE: Canadian metalcore outfit TRENCH team up with Jesse Zaraska (Misery Signals) on brutal new track “Hellbent Gate”

“Hellbent Gate” will be many listeners’ first exposure to Trench but it certainly won’t be their last. The latest single from the Calgary unit’s upcoming Blossom LP, “Hellbent Gate” has all the hallmarks of a banger metalcore track—including a feature from Misery Signals vocalist Jesse Zaraska. 

Trench don’t waste a second, leading with slow, menacing riffs and vocalist Jay Breen’s pissed-off vocals before picking up the pace just long enough to slow it back down. Zaraska’s vocals are a welcome addition in the second half of the song; his higher voice is a refreshing complement to Breen’s low growls. 

There are clear comparisons to Left Behind, Jesus Piece and Vamachara along with classic groups like Integrity, and for good reason. Trench are an example of a metalcore band that becomes something greater by incorporating extreme metal and hardcore / punk into their sound.

“‘Hellbent Gate’ is a representation of Trench in its rawest, most unrelenting form,” guitarist Cole Young explains. “We are also very honored to have had a huge inspiration of ours, Jesse Zaraska of Misery Signals, lend his voice to the song. ‘Hellbent Gate’ is the second single off of our new LP, Blossom, and it will take you on a sonically engaging exploration that stretches the boundaries of metal, hardcore and everything in between.”

Stream “Hellbent Gate” below and then head to Trench’s Bandcamp to hear “Living in Salt,” the first single from Blossom. Be on the lookout for the self-released full length later this year! 

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/trenchthc

Meth. releases collection of unreleased songs on Bandcamp

During this unprecedented time, bands are doing things they typically wouldn’t. This includes releasing things to the world that otherwise might not have seen the light of day.

This is the case with Meth. offering their demos, b-sides, and older ideas for tracks through their Bandcamp. Recorded during the I Love You and Mother of Red Light sessions, these deep cuts will provide diehard fans with some deeper insight towards these releases.

Meth. have decided to set this collection of 13 songs at the Pay What You Want price. In this troubling period for the band, I would highly suggest putting money towards the band in the amount that you can readily offer them. You can discover these tracks here.

Indian Metal Band Bollywood Releases Canine Themed Video “Yaad”, Donates Ambulance To Animal Shelter

New Delhi based Indian Metal Band BLOODYWOOD has released the official music video for their newest single, “Yaad.” Shot in between the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas and urban India, the music video celebrates the universal human experience of love and loss through a moving story between a man and his companion dog.

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