The recent Attack Attack! reunion won’t include Caleb Shomo or Johnny Franck

Crabcore heroes Attack Attack! have reunited, and while it was recently one of Twitter’s highest-trending subjects in the last 48 hours, the “reunion” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be if you look beyond the surface. In fact, it appears quite likely – based on recent developments – that it’s more or less a Drudge/Nine Shrines rebrand. This goes even deeper down the rabbit hole when you look at who the band follows on Instagram, too.

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Geex3 releases his new song “Kitty Kat”

Gee3x is aspiring hip-hip artist that has released a handful of tracks in the last 2 years, each improving in all forms. Geex3 also released a collaboration with Dropout Kings which became one of his most listened to songs on his Spotify. The new generation hip-hop artist has recently released his new song and music video for “Kitty Kat”. His new song continues to build on his core sound he’s cemented for himself throughout his releases.

Surprise! Architects debut intriguing new single, “Animals”

It’s been two years since the band released their fan favorite album Holy Hell, and while that album is one they could probably tour (well, support, thanks to the pandemic) on for the next couple years due to its success (the record has over 100 million streams on Spotify alone), it appears the band’s two year cycle of releasing new music is back again. With absolutely no warning at all, UK metalcore band Architects have premiered a new song, “Animals”, and this time, it’s a bit of a departure musically while still retaining familiarity.

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