This Day In Music History: September 20th, 2004 – Green Day releases rock opera, “American Idiot”

Few bands can claim they’re more vital to the pop-punk genre than Green Day. With the release of their 1994 album Dookie, the band went on to travel the world, sell tens of millions of records, and are now touring stadiums next year with Fall Out Boy and Weezer. Obviously, they’re still pretty big.

However, the band hit a rough patch with the release of their 2000 album, Warning. An experimental album that “only” went Gold in the USA, the record was a bit of a shock even for longtime fans – especially those used to Green Day writing short and fast 3-minute pop-punk songs. While it’s actually a really solid record, it’s not a surprise that it didn’t resonate as much with music fans. However, underestimating Green Day was a bad idea – especially when they emerged 4 years later with their American Idiot album.

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Davey Suicide is back with new track “MEDICATE ME”

Industrial punk band Davey Suicide is back and better than ever with the most recent release of Medicate Me featuring Telle Smith of The Word Alive. “In late August of 2016, Suicide released the empowering single, “Rise Above” which got added to Kerrang TV, Scuzz TV and Kerrang Radio’s rotation. “Rise Above” symbolized freedom, a new life for the band and became the first single off their 3rd studio album entitled, “Made From Fire.”  Medicate Me is the first release for the band since 2017 and paves the way for a strong future for the band.

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Abigail Williams details first new album in 4 years, debut new song, “I Will Depart”

Purveyors of USA black metal for over a decade now, Abigail Williams have never been one to stagnate musically. All 4 of their full-length albums to date have been different enough to stand out, and while it’s been 4 years since AW dropped a proper full-length, the wait for new music from the metal band is over – in the form of “I Will Depart”.

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Loathe embark on a new era of music with two new singles, “Gored” + “New Faces In The Dark”

Loathe 2019. Photo by Olli Appleyard.

The 2017 release of their debut album The Cold Sun showed UK heavy band Loathe at an impressive creative peak early on. Nearly impossible to pin down in a single genre, The Cold Sun impressively threw together elements of post-hardcore, deathcore, metalcore, and industrial to create a record that threw music fans for a loop. Their split with Holding Absence last year, which included the single “White Hot”, was a continued evolution of their sound – and now Loathe are making more noise with two new singles, “Gored” and “New Faces In The Dark”.

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