See the legendary Nic Newsham on a trippy new Strawberry Girls video

Strawberry Girls, 2020

There’s a good chance you’ve heard Nic Newsham’s voice if you’re into post-hardcore. He featured on arguably Dance Gavin Dance’s most popular track “Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most,” and sung for the massively-underrated Gatsby’s American Dream in the 2000s.

Thankfully, he still dabbles in music, as he’s featured on some Strawberry Girls tracks on each of their albums. First with “Transparent Sea” off French Ghetto, “Thank God” off Italian Ghosts, and now “Mini Ripper” from Tasmanian Glow, his voice complements the otherwise-instrumental band well.

The band has released a new version of “Mini Ripper”, with Nic being the center focus in an out-of-this-world presentation. He gets to dance around and deliver his lyrics emphatically over a filter that showcases some gorgeous color schemes, creating a psychedelic vibe.

Check out the video below, and be sure to enjoy Strawberry Girls if you haven’t already!

Emmure to release new album ‘Hindsight’ in June, debut new song, “Uncontrollable Descent”

Long one of metal’s more controversial bands, Emmure have certainly experienced a second life recently. Their 2017 album Look At Yourself was perhaps the band’s best effort since their 2006 debut album, with some impressive highlights to be sure. Now, the band is returning with a new record, Hindsight, out next month. They’ve also got a new video for the single “Uncontrollable Descent”, which you can hear below. It follows the release of the album’s previous singles, “Pig’s Ear” and “Gypsy Disco”.

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Parkway Drive is writing a new album

With the coronavirus crippling everyone’s touring plans for the foreseeable future, there at least is good news as far as bands writing new music. Recently releasing Reverence in 2018, Parkway Drive is yet another band seeing their touring plans dry up – which is a shame for a band that prides themselves on putting together a great live show for their loyal fanbase.

The good news, whether you were disappointed in Reference and/or you’re hoping for new PWD music soon – Parkway Drive is in the process of writing a new album.

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SLAVES announce release date for highly-anticipated new album “To Better Days”

SLAVES, 2020

Finally, the time has come for SLAVES to announce details on their first album with new vocalist Matt McAndrew.

After releasing a single every few months or so, the band has come into their own and shown that McAndrew is a perfect fit for the act. Songs like “Bury a Lie” and “Heavier” are sure to get stuck in the heads of thousands, like they did mine.

The band has announced that To Better Days will see its release on August 7th. Pre-orders will go live on May 29th alongside the new single “Wasting My Youth.”

There’s a reason McAndrew almost won The Voice. Discover why with any of these stellar SLAVES singles. This is a band not to miss.