Enemy AC-130 Above Drops Brutal New Instrumental Track, “Artorias The Abysswalker”

Enemy AC-130 Above has just released an instrumental single by the name of “Artorias the Abysswalker”, an incredibly-heavy progressive deathcore track with several breakdowns and blistering riffs.

The video game influence is abundant, as the band named after a a Call of Duty killstreak releases a song named after a Dark Souls boss. The artwork for the track is just as intense, with vibrant colors accompanying the daunting character.

Doug Painter, the man behind Enemy AC-130 Above, mentions that there will be a version of the track with vocals soon. This song on its own is already devastating, so adding some sharp vocals should make for an unbelievable listening experience. Check out the track below!

I Am Abomination Finally Announce “Passion of the Heist II” Album

I Am Abomination, one of my most underrated artists of the previous decade, have divulged details on their next release: Passion of the Heist II.

After holding a crowdfunding campaign in 2018 and a largely-dormant 2019, things look to be in full swing for the band to drop more music in the immediate future. Between Nick Sampson’s unreal guitar work and Ian Druyor’s clever lyricism, this progressive post-hardcore band is worthy of rediscovering.

In the mentioned post, the band apologized for the radio silence; one of my Facebook friends was just recently questioning the band’s whereabouts, as they had not received their crowdfunding rewards. I’m relieved to see this post, as IAA takes responsibility in stride and will reward us all shortly with new tunes. I look forward to hearing more from this act; check out the preview below!

New Music From Coletta Soon – Here’s Why You Should Keep An Eye On Them

What does it take for a post-hardcore band to stand out? The 2010s were¬†flooded with acts in the genre, drawing some ire for a lot of “samey”-sounding bands. Bands like Chiodos, Attack Attack!, and Crown the Empire set the groundwork for bands to either imitate or deviate.

Coletta, a newer band to the genre, does the latter, experimenting with their instruments in every song they’ve released to date. 2018’s Mind & Time stands as one of my favorite EP’s of all time, with every song sounding different from each other. 2019’s “Wanderlust” is a five-minute celebration of the EP, sounding right at home for the band while introducing even more ideas.

The band stands out by crafting a meticulous, exploratory sound. My friend Mike regards “Blossom” as one of the best post-hardcore songs of all time, as its transition from the previous song immerses the listener into a trance of calming sedation before it reaches a climax of scathing unclean vocals and groovy riffs.

From the divine keyboard usage to introduce “Flower Child”, to the xylophone entrance in “Blossom”, to the blistering drums in “The Bee’s Knees”, there are several risks taken in the EP that pay off. Finding another band that sounds like Coletta is a tough task, as it’s hard to discern who even specifically influenced the band.

At the start of the previous decade, I would search far and wide for new post-harcore bands. I discovered some great acts through their first EPs, including Outline in Color, Kingdom of Giants, and Fit for a King. Coletta rejuvenates this rewarding sense of discovery, as Mind & Time is pure bliss to listen to.

While some bands tend to break up after a one-and-done with an EP, Coletta’s signing to We Are Triumphant Records solidifies their status as an active band. I have been waiting with bated breath for new music from the band, as I’ve indulged the EP and “Wanderlust” immensely in 2019.

Coletta, via Bandcamp

To my pleasure came Triumphant’s announcement of new music from Coletta and several of their other bands, including Osatia and Lilac Kings. Whether this means a single, another EP, or hopefully a full-length, I anxiously await for more Coletta to enter my ears!

Lorna Shore parts ways with vocalist CJ McCreery, effective immediately

In a truly shocking turn of events, promising metal band Lorna Shore has removed CJ McCreery from their lineup with an abrupt Facebook post. This came as a shock to a lot of fans as the band has their new album Immortal gearing up for a January 31st release. Lorna Shore is due to tour with Decapitated, Beyond Creation, Ingested, and Viscera in March of 2020, though there’s no word on whether the album release or tour dates will happen as scheduled.

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