Interview: Sentinels

Soon to release their label debut “Unsound Recollections” on Stay Sick Records, New Jersey’s Sentinels are aiming to take the scene by storm. Formed in 2013, the band has 2 EP’s, “Idylls” and “World Divided”, under their belt and have been touring nonstop to help promote each release. Sentinels sound can be best described as progressive metalcore, however as you’ll read in the interview, the band doesn’t really wish to conform to one sound and wants to play whatever sounds natural to them. The guys in the band were kind enough to answer my plethora of questions ranging from the origin of their name to their favorite touring memories, which you can read about below. Be sure to give them a like on Facebook and pick up their debut on February 8th on digital or physical format!

Sentinels is:
Joe Benducci – Vocals
Thomas Cardone – Guitar
Chris Dombrowski – Guitar
Danny Cruz – Bass/Vocals
Dave Rucki – Drums/Vocals

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Post-metalcore band Saving Vice detail upcoming full-length, prepare to hit the studio

Saving Vice is a relatively new metalcore band from New England, and if you haven’t yet heard them, their debut EP Colder Than Dark is a solid listen. Fairly developed for a debut, the metalcore band is hitting the studio this week to record their debut full-length album – one that the band hopes will catapult them to the next level in a crowded music scene. Granted, the young band has the chops and work ethic to do it, playing packed shows for their fans and opening for bigger ones, gaining fans along the way.

As the band prepares to hit the studio to hash out some new songs, Saving Vice dropped us a few answers to questions that we had about the upcoming album – as well as what fans can expect stylistically. Check out all the important details below.

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Interview: Melodic metal band The Crown Remnant discuss their upcoming album “The Wicked King: Part II”, + more

The Crown Remnant, a melodic groove metal powerhouse consisting of Geordy Shallan, Will Ash, Jorge Lopez, Josue Lara and Art Ramirez. The band formed in 2016, hailing from Los Angeles, California. They released their debut album “The Wicked King: Part I” in 2017, and are set to release their follow up “The Wicked King: Part II” on January 18, 2019 via Spooky Skeleton Records.

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Interview: INCITE’s Richie Cavalera & Christopher EL discusses “Build to Destroy”, Sports & Tattoos


INCITE, an American Groove Metal band from Phoenix, Arizona, formed in 2004. The band currently consists of Richie Cavalera, Christopher EL, Dru Rome & Lennon Lopez. The band have released two EP’s, ‘Murder’ (2006) and ‘Divided’ (2007), and have released four full length LP’s, ‘The Slaughter’ (2009), ‘All Out War’ (2012), ‘Up in Hell’ (2014), ‘The Oppression’ (2016) and are set to release their fifth full length LP on January 25, 2019 titled ‘Build to Destroy’.  Frontman Richie Cavalera and EL were kind enough to take some time out of their busy schedules to answer some questions.  Continue reading