Interview: Loose Talk (members of Anberlin, Acceptance) discuss the turbulence of new single “Iron Heel”

Not all side projects are created equal. Some undoubtedly end up as a brief respite during downtime between the main band’s albums, while others are bound to clearly explore new avenues that simply wouldn’t work with the musician’s primary act. St Pete, Florida’s Loose Talk is a little of both, if we’re being honest.

Containing members of Anberlin and Acceptance, one listen to their debut EP and/or new single “Iron Heel” and you’ll know why the band’s material surely won’t fit in with the two aforementioned bands. It’s closer to something The Black Keys might do, actually – gritty, blues-influenced rock music that leans toward the heavy and the thought-provoking. With a new EP dropping in January as well, we dropped by Bandit Coffee in St Pete with Christian M. and Deon of Loose Talk to discuss their new single “Iron Heel”, “opening up” for Anberlin, and what the band has to say about the turbulent political and social climate we live in now. Check out the full audio below!

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Interview: Killin’ Candace Vocalist Aaron Lee

Hollywood’s Killin’ Candace play a blend of hard rock they like to call “love/hate rock ‘n’ roll” that’s dark, raunchy and above all else fun to listen to. Killin’ Candace are currently working on their next album Straight From the Underground and just released the title track as a single. Here is KC vocalist Aaron Lee.

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Interview: Buzzing Aussie pop-rock band The Faim dive deep into their “State Of Mind”

Upon your first listen to The Faim’s debut album State Of Mind, you might be tempted to think both in the present and the immediate future. Sure, the Aussie pop-rock band might have a sound built for the present in that singles like “Summer Is A Curse” simply sound on huge alternative radio right now, but the futuristic aspect of their sound is that they’re only getting started. For such a young band, they’ve got all the potential in the world.

Having just reached the home stretch of a NA co-headlining tour with Stand Atlantic, the band stopped by TNF HQ to chat with us about their comparisons to Panic! At The Disco, the band’s debut record, and their arena-ready pop-rock sound. Give it a listen below – when this band is playing arenas, you can remember where you heard about The Faim first.

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“There aren’t really any rules” – Northlane guitarist Jon Deiley dives deep into electronic music, the band’s new album ‘Alien’

A willingness to experiment with genre conventions is generally one of the most important traits a band can have, and that goes tenfold for rock bands. One listen to Northlane’s fifth full-length album Alien and it’s clear something is different. Whether it’s the more prominent electronic flourishes or even the band’s obvious drum and bass influence on tracks like “4-D”, it’s clear the band has continued to evolve and progress their sound, while still retaining the core tenets of what makes Northlane special. Clearly we’re not the only ones who have noticed, as Alien has received some of the best reviews of any Northlane album to date.

For a band that’s already racked up multiple ARIA awards in their home continent and influenced a legion of newer rock and metal bands, Northlane are both secure in who they are now as well as unafraid to blaze new trails. We were able to sit down with guitarist and founding member of Northlane, Jon Deiley, for a lengthy discussion about the band’s new record – among other important topics. Listen in below, and have a listen to Alien as well.

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