Super-catchy new song “Space Debris” released by Roman Pilot (interview)

Roman Pilot, 2019

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with a band on the rise: Roman Pilot. Upon browsing my feed two weeks ago, I saw a fifteen-second preview of the “Space Debris” intro, and I was absolutely obsessed from first listen. Luckily enough, I got reached out to with the opportunity to ask some questions about a track I’m head-over-heels for.

“Space Debris” features Isaac Wilson of Dwellings, who also just featured on another song we covered, Properties of Nature’s “L.S.F.H.Q.P.” With a truly memorable vocal delivery, he shines in “Space Debris” layered over one of the catchiest guitar hooks to ever grace my ears. When this line gets a harmony in later verses, I get goosebumps. But enough gushing, let’s hear what Roman Pilot had to say about “Space Debris”!

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For The Well Runs Red, defying easy musical categorization is a way of life

The Well Runs Red defies easy categorization. Drawing from an array of influences like hip-hop, industrial, glitch, metal, and Soundcloud rap, it’s hard to put anything TWRR creates into a particular box. Aggressive yet introspective, The Well Runs Red’s music is confrontational and intriguing. One listen to his new single, “Infiltrate”, and you’ll get some of the vibe TWRR is going for here.

While a solid starting point might well (hah!) be Ghostemane, there’s plenty of nods to countercultural icon Marilyn Manson as well as Chris Motionless in Red’s voice, too. Perhaps it’s just easier to let Red describe himself – so read our Q&A with the intriguing new artist below.

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END guitarist Greg Thomas talks working with Will Putney, what he misses about shows, and more (interview)

The massively-heavy band END is a supergroup of epic proportions. With the star power of vocalist Brendan Murphy (Counterparts), guitarist/producer Will Putney (Fit For an Autopsy), guitarist Greg Thomas (ex-Shai Hulud, Zombie Apocalypse, etc.), bassist Jay Pepito (Reign Supreme), and drummer Andrew McEnaney (Trade Wind, Struc/tures), the band has tracks so heavy you’ll want to throw down no matter the scenery. I had a chance to speak to Greg about the band before their first album Splinters from an Ever-Changing FaceĀ releases June 5th.

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