Savage Hands vocalist Mike Garrow talks “The Truth In Your Eyes”, Polaris, and their upcoming tour

Interview: Savage Hands

having released a successful debut EP and signing with Sharptone Records a couple years ago, Savage Hands deliver post-hardcore with huge hooks. Their debut album, The Truth In Your Eyes, drops this Friday – and we were fortunate enough to interview vocalist Mike Garrow from the band as well. Check out our discussion below, and read our review of the record here.

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Bands From Florida You Should Know: Vacancy

Over the next several weeks, we’re going to be discussing a handful of bands across our home state of Florida that we think you should know about. They will be across the spectrum in terms of style and genre. First we’ll be talking to vocalist Elliot from the heavy noise-rock trio Vacancy from St Pete.

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Interview: Get to know All-In Moment

In poker, going “all-in” generally means putting your chips in the middle of the table and going for broke, no matter how foolish or brave it might seem. For Staten Island, NY rock/metal band All-In Moment, that couldn’t be more fitting. A hard rock newcomer that takes influences from multiple areas of the heavy rock spectrum, the band’s self-titled debut album (released late last year) has provided a solid foundation, and it’s clear the inspired fan response has also spurred the rising band to bigger things in the future.

We sat down with All-In Moment, through the wonderful technology of e-mail, to discuss their new album and a plethora of other topics too. Check out the read below and listen to their debut album as you go along, too!

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INTERVIEW: Daniel Cece of Krosis

2020 is finally here! Now we can all focus on the incredible releases lined up for this year, and those not yet announced. Krosis is one of them! The North Carolina death metal outfit is preparing to release their newest album A Memoir of Free Will on February 7th, 2020 via the legendary Unique Leader Records! Krosis will be hitting the road in February with A Wake In Providence and God Of Nothing. You’ll definitely be hearing our take on the record soon to fully indulge yourselves into our thoughts on the next chapter of Krosis. We will say this album is packing nuclear energy. We had the honor to sit down with Daniel Cece, the man behind the kit, to discuss the upcoming record and chat about music.


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