In The Spotlight: German rock band Time, The Valuator unleash dynamic new song, “In Control”

Germany’s Time, The Valuator are certainly one of the more interesting bands to emerge in recent years. With just a few songs under their belt, the band manages to combine elements of rock, progressive metal, pop, ambient, and more into a concoction that is interestingly unique.

With the announcement that they’re finally releasing a debut full-length (How Fleeting How Fragile, out in August), the promising band has unveiled a new video for a new track, “In Control”. Essentially, it expands on all the unique aspects of what Time, The Valuator do well, and inject it with a new songwriting pizzazz that is sure to capture the attention of new fans. Watch the video below, and stay tuned for the band’s debut album that drops via Long Branch Records/Famined Records soon!

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In The Spotlight: Lisette’s “Run This Far” is a powerful debut indie pop single

Undiscovered talent is what we live to discover, to be certain. There are virtually unknown bands and musicians just looking to make their marks on the world! We think you can add North Carolina self-styled “cinematic indie pop” musician Lisette Rodriguez to that list, with her debut single “Run This Far”.

The self-produced single, Lisette’s debut, truly embodies the adjective cinematic in both scope and delivery. It’s hard to draw easy comparisons to the song as a whole, but the first one that came to mind is something off Banks’ debut album, Goddess. Dark, confessional, downtempo indie pop with more sparse instrumentation in Lisette’s case, though the result is the same – a showcase for a fantastic voice. What’s in store for her next is anyone’s guess, but it’s clear Lisette has a ton of vocal talent, and a powerful, developing voice. And when you’ve got that down, the sky is the limit.

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Q&A: Get to know pop-punk newcomers Fight For Friday

Taking the title of their new EP from a beloved The Wonder Years song, UK pop-punk newcomers Fight For Friday are making themselves known rather quickly with their sharp, fun take on the pop-punk genre, mixed with other styles as well. Their newest EP, Someone You Could Trust, hit shelves just last month (you can stream it below), and the band issued a recent A-Z Q&A where they dished on The Wonder Years, Sum 41, and the bands they’d love to open for someday. Give it a read below – it’s pretty lengthy!

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In The Spotlight: Gatherers provide an emotional, compelling experience on “We Are Alive Beyond Repair”

In the pantheon of popular music, there are likely thousands of albums yearly that are critically acclaimed. This is also counting regional music that might only be popular to a small group of people. Whittling that down, especially for the most diverse music lover, may prove to be very difficult. It certainly is in our case, so that makes the fact that We Are Alive Beyond Repair is sure to be on our top 100 list a truly great album.

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