In The Spotlight: South Carolina rock newcomers Broken Testimony impress on debut album, “Holding On To Nothing”

Released just a couple months ago, South Carolina hard rock band Broken Testimony burst onto the scene with their debut album, Holding On To Nothing. While the band’s youth and inexperience shows on occasion, this is a solid debut effort with plenty to build on, too.

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In The Spotlight: Manchester alt-rock band Parting Gift deliver on “Vein & Rensing”

There’s a new and exciting wave of bands rising up from the Euro and UK underground scenes right now. Devoid of pretension or posturing and delivering only honest emotion, rising acts like Casey, Loathe, Holding Absence, and now Manchester’s Parting Gift are doing new and exciting things in the music scene.

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In The Spotlight: Breakout German metalcore band Annisokay release new single, “Coma Blue”

Over the course of their 3 albums to date, German metalcore band Annisokay have established themselves as major players in the European heavy music scene, with an accessible yet heavy sound that has managed to win over many a fan – especially on their 2016 album, Devil May Care. With the band’s upcoming album Arms due out in mid-August, and their subsequent signing to Arising Empire/Sharptone Records, it’s clear that the band is gunning for a bigger audience with the new record.

Case in point, new single “Coma Blue”. A heavy metalcore track with tons of djent influence, it merges into an explosive melodic chorus that is the band’s trademark. While previous releases hinted at the band’s potential, it’s these new tracks – and their current, first ever US tour – that will see Annisokay’s goals come to fruition.

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