Attention, bands: Drop the ego, lose the arrogance, and create community instead.

Relevant. (Photo credit: Classic FM)

Quite often, the bands and musicians who reach relative “success” (whatever you want to define it as) are the ones who try to use their earned platform for good. Whether it’s by drawing attention to other up and coming musicians, standing up for social causes, or (positive) interactions with their fans, there are plenty of ways that this can happen. Generally speaking, it’s good to be a good and helpful person.

On the flip side of this, however, is musicians that do the complete opposite. Whether it’s spitting on fans, insulting them on social media because they don’t love your mediocre new album, or God forbid, taking advantage of their fans in any way, there are sadly plenty of artists that do these things. Fame and attention have the negative side effect of potentially turning the quietest and most ambitious people into raging egotists.

What can artists do to improve that, then? Sometimes it’s as easy as supporting other artists trying to make a name for themselves, and sometimes it’s a bit more substantial. It’s easier to mention what NOT to do, though.

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Billboard Is Blue: Knocked Loose’s “A Different Shade Of Blue” just had one of the biggest first weeks of any band in their genre

At this very moment, few bands in hardcore and metalcore are being hyped as much as Knocked Loose. Having gone from a solid local act to headlining and support juggernaut in just a 5-year span is very impressive no matter what their genre is, and given that it’s harder than ever for bands to create a sustainable income and hype for themselves, what KL have done is even more astounding. They’re now a band that even gets big-time slotting on major festivals, too.

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TNF Premiere: The Home Team debuts acoustic rendition of “Fashion Forward”

Call them whatever you’d like – alt-rock, pop-rock, pop-punk – but the music of The Home Team should always be labeled under both catchy and energetic. The band, who are preparing to release a deluxe edition of last year’s full-length Better Off, are also opening 4 upcoming dates of Don Broco’s upcoming USA headlining tour, which is sure to give them a big boost.

It’s deserved, too. We’re stoked to be partnering with the band today for the debut of the acoustic version of “Fashion Forward”, one of their most popular songs to date. A solid introduction to the band as a whole, we think you’ll love the unique vocals behind it all, and the acoustic version adds a new kind of intimacy to the standout track.

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Chicago hardcore band Through N Through debuts official video for new song, “Resolute” (TNF Premiere)

Do you like the spirit and energy of hardcore? Do you also like riffs, moshing, and more riffs? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re stoked to team up with Chicago hardcore band Through N Through for the premiere of their new song (and video) for “Resolute”. The band’s new single arrives as the first single off their upcoming full-length album, due out late in September, along with a string of tour dates you can find below as well.

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