TNF Premiere + Q&A: Frontside debut new song + video for “Give It Up”

Frontside aren’t your typical pop-punk band. While the North Carolina band do have the energy you’d expect out of the genre, their influences are more widely varied than you’d think – citing more technical bands like The Fall Of Troy and Damiera as key references to their sound. In other words, don’t expect the same three chords you might be used to (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

We’re stoked to team up with the band for the release of their new song + video for “Give It Up”. Frontside, who also teamed up with Revival Recordings for the release of their upcoming EP (due out early next year), are fast making waves in the music scene – and we also sat down with guitarist/vocalist Walter Stanley for a Q&A session as well. You can stream the new song, as well as the Q&A, below.

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Chicho Malo and HANDSXFEET collaborate on “Space God” – Watch!

Genres seem to collide like stars tend to do in our universe, when they do new things come from the molten ashes of the collision – such result of this merger is the emergence of hip-hop infused with metal vocals instead of your traditional hip-hop styling. Chicho Malo and HANDSXFEET are all tackling this broad new genre, and with really good outcomes musically. The two aforementioned artists brought their heads together for their high amplitude track “Space God” – which comes complete with a music video. Chicho Malo is a new artist surfacing earlier this year and has released a handful of songs. Tackling the newly based genre with a vigorous passion.

Blinded In Chains: How Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘City Of Evil’ catapulted them into stardom

While it took Avenged Sevenfold a few years to get off the ground, the release of their 2003 sophomore album Waking The Fallen showcased a metalcore band that was fast developing. The leap from their debut album Sounding The Seventh Trumpet was a quantum leap as far as sound and musicianship were concerned, and were both equally impressive as well. If you listen to songs like “Chapter Four” and “Unholy Confessions”, it’s clear to see (and hear) why the band landed Warped Tour slots early on in their career – their brand of metalcore was easily palatable and marketable.

It’s with that being said that the band’s 2005 follow-up, City Of Evil, was the most successful Avenged Sevenfold record to date. Prior to its recording, the band triggered a pretty sizable bidding war from major labels, and A7X eventually went with Warner Bros. for the record’s release. Sporting a polished, streamlined sound that was closer to classic hard rock and metal, it signaled the band’s foray into a more commercial sound that was a departure from their previous work. It’s not hard to see why the Platinum-selling record made the band into stars, though.

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Premiere: Dead Low brings the heavy with their new song “Lifeless”

Metal is a ever blossoming genre of music that spawns subgenres like tree branches. Some of those branches tend to stick while others get cut down. While often monotonous in nature, the beatdown side of hardcore and metalcore is one of those subgenres that has found itself a nice home in the metal community. The newly founded group that goes by the name Dead Low prove all too well that beatdown gets to hang with the big boys. Dead Low has released their crushing new song “Lifeless” and boy, does it come straight for your jugular. The new song comes complete with a fitting music video. The group have previously released another song titled “Detest”, and just has the new song their debut showed no mercy. These guys are building a good platform to stand-on, propelling the subgenre further. At the very least, you’ll want to spinkick objects in your living room.

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