TNF PREMIERE: Canadian metalcore outfit TRENCH team up with Jesse Zaraska (Misery Signals) on brutal new track “Hellbent Gate”

“Hellbent Gate” will be many listeners’ first exposure to Trench but it certainly won’t be their last. The latest single from the Calgary unit’s upcoming Blossom LP, “Hellbent Gate” has all the hallmarks of a banger metalcore track—including a feature from Misery Signals vocalist Jesse Zaraska. 

Trench don’t waste a second, leading with slow, menacing riffs and vocalist Jay Breen’s pissed-off vocals before picking up the pace just long enough to slow it back down. Zaraska’s vocals are a welcome addition in the second half of the song; his higher voice is a refreshing complement to Breen’s low growls. 

There are clear comparisons to Left Behind, Jesus Piece and Vamachara along with classic groups like Integrity, and for good reason. Trench are an example of a metalcore band that becomes something greater by incorporating extreme metal and hardcore / punk into their sound.

“‘Hellbent Gate’ is a representation of Trench in its rawest, most unrelenting form,” guitarist Cole Young explains. “We are also very honored to have had a huge inspiration of ours, Jesse Zaraska of Misery Signals, lend his voice to the song. ‘Hellbent Gate’ is the second single off of our new LP, Blossom, and it will take you on a sonically engaging exploration that stretches the boundaries of metal, hardcore and everything in between.”

Stream “Hellbent Gate” below and then head to Trench’s Bandcamp to hear “Living in Salt,” the first single from Blossom. Be on the lookout for the self-released full length later this year! 

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Premiere: Pennsylvania deathcore band Gravebirth release vicious new song “When Demons Lay Dormant” – listen!

Pittsburgh, PA is the stronghold for the metal scene inside the state. Just ask bands like Code Orange! Luckily, that proud, ironbound tradition all holds up to standard with Gravebirth and their new song “When Demons Lay Dormant”. The viciously versatile deathcore band has been lying in wait for quite some time – that all seems to have paid off. Gravebirth is preparing to release their new EP “Decrepit” on May 15th, 2020 via Chugcore. “When Demons Lay Dormant” is a highly aggressive song that highlights vocal range, instrumentation, and writing structure for the band. Gravebirth have been laying in silence for quite sometime, making their return with this devastating song and EP announcement. Check out the lyric video below!

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Premiere: Arizona black metal band Efnisien make their debut with “Worn By Sin” – listen!

Arizona black metal newcomers Efnisien have released their debut song “Worn By Sin”. The song highlights Efnisien’s strong points in the overall production, musicianship, and vocal abilities. Atmosphere plays a important role with their music, giving a sense of impending doom. Efnisien is preparing to release their upcoming EP “Worn By Sin” which is set for a April 17th release date. The title track mixes new black metal with the old, organic style that was founded decades ago. Rest assured we’ll have a full review of “Worn By Sin” prior to its April release date. “Worn By Sin” was produced, mixed, and mastered by Rabbott Productions. The EP artwork was done by the one and only Mark Erskine of Erskine Designs.

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Cloud Cascade: How Invent Animate came back from the brink to release “Greyview”

Releasing an album that people immediately start to love and appreciate is a tall task in itself. Couple that with not releasing a record for 4 years as well as replacing an acclaimed vocalist in Ben English, and Invent Animate’s impressive progressive metalcore achievement on Greyview is even more magnified. After all, 4 years – especially in a music scene where trends tend to move at lightspeed – is a lengthy amount of time.

Upping their technical wizardry to 11 and introducing another established face behind the mic in ex-Aviana frontman Marcus Vik, there’s plenty of familiarity on Greyview – but also plenty of excitement for their future. We caught up with the new Invent Animate frontman about what it’s like joining a new project, as well as what Adept means to him. Read on for more.

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