TNF Premiere: Get your metallic hardcore fix with Ante Up’s “Time Is My Enemy”

At the end of the day, time is arguably the most precious resource one can offer. After all, we only have a finite amount of it to give to people, and you never really know when it’ll be all gone.

Luckily if you’re reading this, you’ll have plenty of time to get acquainted with Detroit metallic hardcore band Ante Up and their new single, “T.I.M.E.”. The core sentiment of the song is that time is indeed finite, and the band’s thrash-oriented hardcore will certainly appeal to those who love the more classic sound of the genre.

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TNF Video Premiere: Steaksauce Mustache – “Barnyard Brodown”

If you’re bold enough to name your band the hilarious moniker of Steaksauce Mustache, you’d better be able to deliver something that stands out. Luckily, the Oregon chaotic rock/metal band know how to do that in spades, both in their music, and their comedic relief that shows out in their recently-released video for “Barnyard Brodown”, and we’re stoked to be bringing you the exclusive premiere for the video, too.

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Alt-rock band Subtleties takes you track-by-track on their newest EP, “Barely You”

With another New Music Friday on our hands today, it might well be easy to lose track of all the bands releasing killer music today. There’s no shortage of quality releases across the board from the likes of Uneven Structure to The Anchor to Dream State, and that’s merely scratching the surface.

You can add alt-rock newcomers Subtleties to that list as well. The band just released their new EP Barely You, and they’re probably going to draw some comparisons to bands like Silverstein or even Can’t Swim. In other words, they’re certainly one to watch. We’re stoked to be teaming up with the band for the track-by-track overview of their new EP, so listen to the record and read along below if that’s your thing. It should be!

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PREMIERE: Out of Service debut cathartic new single “Sleep”

New Fury Media is excited to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new single from Out of Service. Titled “Sleep”, the song is off of the New Jersey emo/alternative rock quartet’s upcoming album Burden. The album is produced by Nathan Hussey of All Get Out, and the single tackles harrowing subject matter with a slow build reminiscent of bands like Manchester Orchestra and Citizen.

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