Famous Last Words: How did My Chemical Romance get so big?

Few bands can claim that their popularity post-breakup may well exceed it while the band was still active. My Chemical Romance, though the band has been dead for 6 years now, is always the constant source of “OMG will they come back please” news pieces. Don’t worry, we won’t be participating in those.

Anyhow, it’s pretty clear that the band accomplished much in their decade+ together. Touring with Linkin Park? Check. Platinum records? Check. A vanguard for the Myspace generation? Double check. The list of accolades the band racked up is certainly a special one, but now we ask ourselves this – just how did the band get so big? Our friends at The Punk Rock MBA – as well as us – weigh in.

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This Day In Music History: June 22, 1999 – Limp Bizkit unleashes “Significant Other”

One of the most successful bands of the past 20 years, Limp Bizkit’s raucous brand of nu-metal hadn’t quite reached a commercial peak upon the release of Significant Other in June of 1999, but it was clear that nothing would quite be the same after. Millions of albums sold and tours with Metallica and Korn soon followed, as did the band’s infamous performance at Woodstock 1999, which catapulted them to national attention.

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Religious Infamy: In 1998, Embodyment pioneered the deathcore genre with “Embrace The Eternal”

Ahhhhh, deathcore. It’s one of the most despised genres of music out there, and despite the fact that there are plenty of mediocre bands of the genre, there are also plenty of gems. Dismissing the genre entirely would be a mistake, and that goes double for many of the bands who pioneered the genre. After all, metalcore pioneers 18 Visions’ earlier albums were one small step away from the genre, too.

In 1998, though, the genre didn’t really exist. Sure, death metal legends Suffocation (as well as bands like Pyrexia) played a huge part in pioneering the genre in the early 90’s, and nearly every deathcore band cites early Obituary material as influences, but one of the genre’s best-kept secrets is a little record by a band called Embodyment. Interestingly, they were an unapologetically Christian band, but that doesn’t take anything away from a sound they helped to pioneer in 1998 on their debut record. That record, Embrace The Eternal, is a must-listen if you haven’t heard it before.

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Tracing Back Roots: Counting down the 10 best We Came As Romans songs

Through 5 distinct records and subtle stylistic changes, post-hardcore band We Came As Romans have made a huge name for themselves in the music scene, culminating in 2017’s career-defining Cold Like War album. The tragically devastating passing of vocalist Kyle Pavone just a few months ago was certainly heartbreaking – even his haunting second-to-last tweet still sends chills down the spine.

We’re excited to count down 10 of the band’s best songs. At least one song has been culled from each of the band’s 5 full-lengths to date, and there might even be a few surprises in here as well. Take a read below. Feel free to agree, disagree, etc.

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