This Day In Music History: May 14th, 2007 – Linkin Park releases the polarizing ‘Minutes To Midnight’

When it took Linkin Park over 4 years to release the follow-up to 2003’s Meteora, there were plenty of questions surrounding it, to be sure. Would the band follow the coattails of many of their nu-metal era peers and release a similar album? Would Linkin Park shift gears completely and streamline their sound to a more mainstream audience? Those questions were answered on May 14th, 2007, when Linkin Park released Minutes To Midnight.

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A tribute to the depressive side of post-hardcore in the 2010s

The past ten years decade were a hallmark decade for the metal scene. Picking up a mic and letting emotions out was as accessible as ever, and the post-hardcore genre was booming in many facets. Some bands chose to hone in on the grips of life, with desperate, bleak lyricism and instrumentation that was austere and somber.

One of the earliest examples is the oft-forgotten Decoder (later re-branded as Lead Hands.) With a dreamy presentation, the group, comprised of like-minded members from Of Machines, Oceana, and more came together to deliver an impressive self-titled LP under Rise Records in 2011. This album touched upon the ill-effects of addiction, happiness being out of reach, and the struggle of “Holding On,” solace was in short supply, their music sounding like an ethereal nightmare thanks to the unique backgrounds of each member. Similarly, A Hope For Home emphasized the delicate, deliberate slow pace in their 2011 effort In Abstraction.

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TNF PREMIERE: New Jersey pop-rock heroes Jet Jaguar release lively new single “The One”

Jet Jaguar

After bursting out of the gates with their fiery debut single and video for “Anvil”, New Jersey pop-rock band Jet Jaguar are back to deliver us a charismatic love song; “The One”. The song looks into the failure of a past relationship that felt like the be-all-end-all, the last first kiss, the person who was supposed to be (dare we say it) “the one”. In this new single, Jet Jaguar explores a familiar feeling of heartbreak and vulnerability that pairs perfectly with guitarist / singer Pete Zen’s soft, pleasant vocals and charming lyrics.

We’re stoked to bring you the world premiere right here, right now!

“‘The One’ is a song that dives into the topic of an on and off-again relationship, and how sometimes things just don’t work out.” – Pete Zen

Bursting at the seams with with upbeat riffs, clean guitars and singalong worthy vocals, Jet Jaguar‘s “The One” is a windows-down pop-rock jam for the next time we’re allowed to go on a road trip. Pre-save the single here:

LOWBORN announce new synth-pop single “Bad For Me”, pre-save it now!

While their previous tracks take on more of a rock-influence, LOWBORN‘s upcoming new single “Bad For Me” (out April 24th) contains haunting, heavy pop-synth beats with lightning-like vocals from Wes Lauterbach. With its inspiration rooted in the fear of change, “Bad For Me” acknowledges bad behavior that, while fun and exciting, ends up creating further damage. Pre-save the song here to make sure you don’t miss it!

For the uninitiated; LOWBORN is an independent, skillful band that is rapidly growing via constant Spotify official playlist placements (New Noise, All New Rock, etc.) and praise from the music press. Billboard calls LOWBORN’s sound “…absolutely huge, and it also, in fact, touches on a wide swath of musical territory.”.  We agree 100%!