Album Of The Day: “Chasing Ghosts” (The Amity Affliction)


The summer of 2009 seems so long ago, but in actuality, it was pretty incredible for me. I went to Warped Tour for the 6th year in a row, made new friends, went on dates, and probably discovered more music that summer than ever before. I can thank as much as recommendations from friends at the time. Having been a big fan of Parkway Drive, Karnivool, and other like-minded Aussie bands, I decided to listen to The Amity Affliction’s new (at the time) album, 2008’s Severed Ties. At the time, the band didn’t stick out to me too much (other than standout song “Poison Pen Letters”, but for some reason, I kept coming back to the album. For a while, it didn’t leave me iPod at all. Much the same with 2010’s Youngbloods, which continued the evolution of the band’s sound, while remaining likely a career high point (at least thus far). How did they follow it up?

With 2012’s Chasing Ghosts – an album that may not be quite as good as Youngbloods musically, but is arguably better lyrically. At the time of its release, I was sincerely questioning my ultimate place on this planet and my reasons for living, Not to say that Chasing Ghosts necessarily “saved my life” or anything like that, but for a 6 month span, it was my most listened to album. Lyrically, it got me through a lot of rough times, and I imagine that other fans of the band have similar stories (having interviewed the band a few years ago at Warped Tour, I can confirm this).

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 4 years since the album was even released. It still remains as impactful now as it did upon first release. Stream the album below, and revisit it if it’s been a while, or possibly even your first time. It’s some top-tier post-hardcore, that’s for certain. I still maintain that “Flowerbomb” is the best track the band has ever written.

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Musician Of The Week: Michael Neal

There’s little more I love in life than seeing independent, self-funded musicians make a name for themselves. It’s a straight fact that the music industry isn’t the place you want to go if you want to become rich and famous. That being said, there’s a number of places to go to find talented musicians – a personal favorite of mine is Bandcamp. If you’re into more avant-garde, post-rock, and instrumental material, Bandcamp usually will help you stumble upon these genres pretty well.

One-man project Table For Two (the brainchild of Michael Neal) is one such find, though truth be told, I didn’t find him exclusively through Bandcamp (behold, the power of networking!), but I did discover someone who’s talented at his craft – orchestral-based classical piano music soundtracks. Of particular note is the work he’s done with his new Project Miette soundtrack (which you can and should stream below), as well as the Halmoore: A Hero’s Tale OST which you can stream below as well. This is genuinely appealing music that’s for fans of Lights In Motion and Mogwai (imagine a piano-oriented version of the former and you’ll have some idea of Table For Two’s cinematic appeal). Seriously, this music is getting me through a long night at work as I type this, so do yourself a favor and spread it around.

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Album Of The Week: Cognitive – “Deformity”


Approximately 50 seconds into New Jersey death metal band Cognitive’s new album, Deformity, and I immediately knew what to expect – a punishing technical death metal album that is both influenced by the greats (the first few Suffocation albums loom large here), while also blazing new ground in the genre. It’s the blend of the familiar and the new that makes this album so successful – while many bands of this genre have issues replicating this style live, it’s safe to say that’s not the case with Cognitive.

Listen to the new album below. The ferocious guitar work is not to be missed. Be sure to leave us your thoughts on the album as well – it’s now out on Unique Leader Records.

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Album Of The Week: The World Over – “Mountains”


Buoyed by strategically placed synths and the hard-hitting, dynamic vocals of Tiaday Ball (the granddaughter of some guy named Ernie Ball), The World Over’s new EP Mountains is a short but sweet piece of music that falls somewhere between Deftones, Bring Me The Horizon’s last two albums, and Pvris – essentially the sound of a band that’s hitting all the right notes. One can only salivate with anticipation over what a full-length might bring from the band if they continue evolving, but in the meantime, this will have to do. You can stream the title track below – it’s a doozy.

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