Bring Me The Horizon unveils new album details for “Amo”, announces worldwide tour dates

Right on the heels of their new single “Mantra”, Bring Me The Horizon have officially unveiled details of their new album. Highly anticipated by the listening public, the new single has already racked up notoriety across social media less than 24 hours after its initial release.

Their 6th full-length amo, which is due out January 11th, can be pre-ordered right here. Alongside that big news, BMTH will also be touring worldwide later this year as well as in Australia in 2019, though only UK and Euro dates have been confirmed alongside the Aussie ones (EDIT: USA dates have now been added). While the band’s new record is still many months away, you can be sure that more news is coming in the near future.

If you haven’t heard the new single “Mantra” yet, you can do so below.