Bring Me The Horizon to release new music in June

Bring Me The Horizon have been hard at work on new material recently. While the band did just release an EP in December and a standalone single in ‘Ludens” within the last year as well, BMTH have also been teasing a new song rumored to be called “Parasite Eve” – referencing the 1998 RPG/survival horror game of the same name.

Now, vocalist Oliver Sykes has all but confirmed the new song will indeed be titled “Parasite Eve”, and there’s also a release date for the new single that’s been pinned down as well. Get excited.

The band is releasing a series of videos that will take fans inside the writing process of new BMTH tunes during the quarantine, as the band’s new video called “02BMTHS2-new normal-.mp4” – released two days ago – intimated. The even better news? Bring Me The Horizon fans will be getting a new single June 10th, according to a new Instagram by Oliver Sykes.

“You’ll have heard us working on a bunch of songs, but one song we were working on in particular really started to take on a new life,” he said on the band’s Prologue video, released on the 22nd. The Grammy-nominated band are hard at work on new music – and it seems we’re just along for the ride. It’ll be intriguing to see what kind of direction the band travels next.