Bring Me The Horizon announces new album, ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’

Bring Me The Horizon have announced the next salvo of new music, and it’s coming soon. Post Human: Survival Horror is due for an October 30th release, will feature previous singles released such as “Parasite Eve” and “Ludens”, and the guest features on the album are the real treat here for sure.

While Bring Me The Horizon have often worked with other artists over the years (Josh Scogin of The Chariot, Lights, Lotus Eater, and more), the three artists they’re working with on the new album may shock – and elate – their rabid fanbase. Featured on the album are Evanescence’s Amy Lee, BabyMetal, and the Nova Twins – and the new record is 9 tracks long as well. Given that the band’s three newest singles have all been met with critical acclaim and success, one can only wonder what direction the new songs will head in. Regardless, we can’t wait to find out – but it’s not like Bring Me The Horizon will particularly care what you think about them anyway.

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