Breathe Carolina Premieres New Single, “Anywhere But Home.”


June 8th, 2015: Breathe Carolina teamed up with APEK to release a new song
and music video titled “Anywhere But Home.”

While the band’s sound has changed dramatically over the course of its life, “Anywhere But Home” stays true to the sound created on the band’s last album, “Savages.” The song starts off with a Trap music style intro and moves into radio style pop. If the band continues with this sound, they may be on their way to another success like their 2011 hit “Blackout.”

Overall, it seems like Breathe Carolina is on their way back up the charts with a song that appeals to a wide audience of not only old fans and EDM music lovers, but also to those who enjoy radio pop. No word yet on when to expect a new album.

You can download Breathe Carolina’s new single, “Anywhere But Home” on Beatport Pro at the link below: