Breaking Benjamin’s upcoming acoustic album to feature members of Underoath, Adam Gontier, and more

Long one of hard rock’s most consistent and successful bands, Breaking Benjamin have left almost no stone unturned. About the only thing Breaking Benjamin haven’t done in their career to date is release an acoustic album, but that is set to change – possibly by the end of the year, if the timing is right.

Thanks to our friends at Music Mayhem, we know that the record, which has been teased before, is likely due out at the end of the year. In a recent interview w/Hard Drive Live, vocalist Benjamin Burnley had this to say about the record, which will feature many notable vocalists:

“They all have orchestration on them — like, full orchestra on them. And then there’s four that have guest vocalists that (are) really, really amazing. They did so good,” he said. “I have Lacey Sturm — she used to be the singer for Flyleaf — she’s doing a song with me called ‘Dear Agony.’ She was great. She nailed it, man. And she’s so fun to work with, too. She just nails it every time, and she’s such an incredible singer.”

“And then Spencer (Chamberlain) from Underoath did ‘Red Cold River.’ And then Adam Gontier, the original singer for Three Days Grace , he did a song called ‘Dance With the Devil’ with me. And then Mike (Barnes), the singer for RED, did ‘Failure’ with me.”

Notably, this isn’t the only important news. Burnley also teased the possibility of new material with Lacey Sturm as well, saying:

“I don’t know if she’d be mad at me for saying anything about it or not but me and Lacey [Sturm] have been talking about doing another band together, We just want to do like a record.”

Whatever the end result is, it will certainly be worth a listen. I mean, have you heard the band’s acoustic version of “Breath” before?