Breaking Benjamin’s song “Ashes Of Eden” becomes the band’s newest RIAA Gold-certified single

Breaking Benjamin are one of the the biggest rock bands in the US today. Boasting a passionate fanbase that also showed up in droves to support the band’s newest album Aurora – a reimagining of several of the band’s most iconic tracks, plus a new song, “Far Away”. The band, who is currently on tour with Korn across North America, have added yet another accomplishment to their 20 year career to date.

Breaking Benjamin’s “Ashes To Eden”, a song from their 2015 comeback album Dark Before Dawn, has now reached Gold status. The single, which was officially certified 2 weeks ago, is the band’s latest accomplishment in a career full of them. The song also joins previously certified Platinum, Gold, and Silver records and singles that have helped the band continue to sell out tours across the world.