Bane’s final set is being released today

At long last, we finally have a chance to see Bane’s final set in 2016 in full.

Legendary collective Hate5Six is releasing the set at 5:00 PM EST today, June 27th. This is thanks to a Gofundme set in place to benefit former bassist Brendan “Stu” Maguire, who has been battling cancer since September of last year. Magnificently, $35,000 has been raised at the time of writing, and the goal for today is $50k.

This 2016 set at the Worcester Palladium – Bane’s hometown – is a piece of hardcore history, a true exemplification of how powerful the genre can be and I can’t wait to see just how intense the crowd was, shouting the band’s words with them for the last time. Every guest vocalist in Bane’s discography even showed up for the event.

You can view the video below, and donate to Hate5Six’s fundraiser here. Further support for Stu with prints of the show can be found here as well.

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