Avenged Sevenfold vocalist M. Shadows is a playable character in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4’s new update

While the band isn’t touring for the rest of 2019 as they eye a new album release likely for next year, Avenged Sevenfold are still busy – at least in the case of vocalist M. Shadows. The A7X frontman has now been confirmed as a playable character in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4’s new Zombie Apocalypse update. The update, which launched July 9th, features Shadows as a playable character specifically in the Blackout mode.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Avenged Sevenfold have appeared in video games. Their song “Not Ready To Die” was prominently features in COD: Black Ops 1, “Mad Hatter” was in COD: Black Ops 4, and the entire band even appeared in Black Ops 2 – so this really isn’t much of a surprise.

M. Shadows had this to say about his inclusion in the game:

“I can’t wait to see what kind of videos people make with my character. I’m really excited to see what people do with this. Our fans are going to have a good time with it and I’m expecting a lot of shenanigans with my character for sure.”

The update is currently only available for PS4, with other platforms expected to get the content in the near future.

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