Unsigned And On The Rise: Tampa’s very own Reveal Renew

reveal renewToday is the 3 month anniversary of Rise Above The Anchor and to celebrate this, I am giving you the gift of Reveal Renew. I was recently shown these guys by the owner of RATA, Tim Morris and right away, I knew that they HAD to be this months Unsigned And On The Rise band; these guys just straight up make awesome music. You can call them a punk band or you can call them a rock band, but whatever genre you want to call them, we can all agree that these guys are talented nonetheless. Continue reading

Interview: Stephen Morrell of An Honest Year

1000695_455493667879345_206185847_nI found out about An Honest Year a little over a year ago. They submitted a track (You and All Your Friends) for my radio show at the time, Introduce Yourself On Air. Immediately I fell in love with this band. AHY brings such a unique style of pop punk to the table and I feel they will be the next biggest pop punk based act coming out of FL.

Recently I talked to Stephen (Guitar) about their music video, warped tour and their new EP , “Moments”.
Continue reading

Interview: Trevor Cregan of Decisions

I stumbled across Decisions about a year ago when they were playing with Victory Records band A Hero A Fake. Shortly there after they played a show a held for Introduce Yourself Zine. Immediately I was blown away by their stage presence, professionalism and musicianship. The band has gone through some change but are determined to get right back on track. I recently talked to my good friend Trevor Cregan (Vocals) about the bands foundation, changes and what the future holds for them. Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: Micah (Founder) of Pig Squeals And Breakdowns

528511_10151335901449638_262538896_n Recently I have been interviewing a bunch of Journalists/ Promoters. One that really stands out to me is Micah Neely, the founder of Pig Squeals And Breakdowns. PSAB is something I have watched grow from a small FB page, to a very well internet based music promotion entity in a short period of time. Recently I chatted with Micah about how far PSAB has come, the evolution of PSAB and so much more. Continue reading