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Microsoft unveils highly-anticipated new system “Xbox Series X”

The 2019 edition of The Game Awards was certainly filled with a plethora of important announcements. The Playstation 5 having their first official game announcement (Godfall)? Check. Bravely Default II being announced for the Switch? Yup! A Fast & Furious game that will bring back some of the main cast from the films? Absolutely.

Few announcements, however, were as anticipated as both Sony and Microsoft unveiling their long-awaited new systems. Especially Xbox, who will be seeing a tactical take on their flagship Gears Of War series later in 2020, their new console is one that everyone is looking forward to. Now it has a name.

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Interview: Loose Talk (members of Anberlin, Acceptance) discuss the turbulence of new single “Iron Heel”

Not all side projects are created equal. Some undoubtedly end up as a brief respite during downtime between the main band’s albums, while others are bound to clearly explore new avenues that simply wouldn’t work with the musician’s primary act. St Pete, Florida’s Loose Talk is a little of both, if we’re being honest.

Containing members of Anberlin and Acceptance, one listen to their debut EP and/or new single “Iron Heel” and you’ll know why the band’s material surely won’t fit in with the two aforementioned bands. It’s closer to something The Black Keys might do, actually – gritty, blues-influenced rock music that leans toward the heavy and the thought-provoking. With a new EP dropping in January as well, we dropped by Bandit Coffee in St Pete with Christian M. and Deon of Loose Talk to discuss their new single “Iron Heel”, “opening up” for Anberlin, and what the band has to say about the turbulent political and social climate we live in now. Check out the full audio below!

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Ingested’s fifth full-length is “a wrap”, to see release in 2020

Though the band recently released their album The Level Above Human in 2018 via Unique Leader Records, UK kings of slamming death metal, Ingested, aren’t resting on their laurels. While the band is embarking on a celebration of their debut album Surpassing The Boundaries Of Human Suffering (where they’re playing the 2009 album in its entirety on tour), Ingested will be doing more than just looking to an older era of music for inspiration – they’ll be supporting new material as well.

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Breaking Benjamin launches new song, “Far Away” (featuring vocalist Scooter Ward of Cold)

Breaking Benjamin has released a new single “Far Away”, which features Scooter Ward of Cold. The song arrives ahead of their forthcoming acoustic album, Aurora, which is set to be released on January 24. The band has already unveiled the debut song from the new album “So Cold” which is available to be listened to now below.

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