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Deftones unveil new merch line to benefit their jobless road crew

While we know the band’s new full-length album is coming out later this year, Deftones unfortunately had to cancel their upcoming New Zealand and Australia shows due to coronavirus concerns. Much like the rest of the industry right now, they’re not the only ones suffering from the loss of income – their hard-working road crew is also feeling the pinch.

Luckily, the band is being generous with their stature, and it can benefit you too! The alt-metal legends have unveiled a new merch line that also includes all profits made going back to their hard-working crew. To paraphrase Fred Durst, “without the fans (and the crew!!!), there wouldn’t be no show, and if that was really so, then life would really blow.”

Check out the merch line below, as well.

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END (members of Counterparts + Fit For An Autopsy) release teaser video for new music due out March 26th

If you’re in the mood for violent, destructive music, END is the band for you. The hardcore/metal supergroup of sorts includes Brendan Murphy of Counterparts and Will Putney of Fit For An Autopsy among its members, and their 2017 debut EP From The Unforgiving Arms Of God was a veritable masterclass in combining various styles of metal, hardcore, grind, and more into a 6-song EP.

Now, the band is gearing up for the release of new music on Thursday with a new teaser released earlier today. You can probably expect it to be just as violent and ferocious as their previous work. Listen and thank us later.

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Cloud Cascade: How Invent Animate came back from the brink to release “Greyview”

Releasing an album that people immediately start to love and appreciate is a tall task in itself. Couple that with not releasing a record for 4 years as well as replacing an acclaimed vocalist in Ben English, and Invent Animate’s impressive progressive metalcore achievement on Greyview is even more magnified. After all, 4 years – especially in a music scene where trends tend to move at lightspeed – is a lengthy amount of time.

Upping their technical wizardry to 11 and introducing another established face behind the mic in ex-Aviana frontman Marcus Vik, there’s plenty of familiarity on Greyview – but also plenty of excitement for their future. We caught up with the new Invent Animate frontman about what it’s like joining a new project, as well as what Adept means to him. Read on for more.

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