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Parkway Drive is writing a new album

With the coronavirus crippling everyone’s touring plans for the foreseeable future, there at least is good news as far as bands writing new music. Recently releasing Reverence in 2018, Parkway Drive is yet another band seeing their touring plans dry up – which is a shame for a band that prides themselves on putting together a great live show for their loyal fanbase.

The good news, whether you were disappointed in Reference and/or you’re hoping for new PWD music soon – Parkway Drive is in the process of writing a new album.

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TNF Video Premiere: Red Cain – “Juliet”

If you’re a prog fan, you’ve come to the right place today. Somewhere between the grandiosity of power metal and more progressive-leaning metal (think: Kamelot, Symphony X) lies Canada’s Red Cain. The band’s debut full-length, Kindred: Act I, dropped on Sliptrick Records recently, and was hailed by Dead Rhetoric as no less than a record that holds “multi-genre appeal”. Impressive stuff overall if you’re into what some of these bands are doing nowadays, and even more impressive for Red Cain considering it’s the band’s debut full-length.

We’re excited to be premiering the band’s new video for “Juliet” today, as well. The video for the single, which notably features Daniel Louden of Benevolent Like Quietus, can be seen below. This is the kind of progressive // power metal that’s intelligently written and performed, with plenty of accessibility for those who enjoy the more melodic side of things as well.

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Bring Me The Horizon to release new music in June

Bring Me The Horizon have been hard at work on new material recently. While the band did just release an EP in December and a standalone single in ‘Ludens” within the last year as well, BMTH have also been teasing a new song rumored to be called “Parasite Eve” – referencing the 1998 RPG/survival horror game of the same name.

Now, vocalist Oliver Sykes has all but confirmed the new song will indeed be titled “Parasite Eve”, and there’s also a release date for the new single that’s been pinned down as well. Get excited.

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Northlane vocalist Marcus Bridge to livestream acoustic performance on Youtube

Northlane have kept pretty busy during the quarantine. The Australian progressive metalcore band recently released a new song, “Enemy Of The Night”, just last week. The song, which is off the band’s Deluxe Edition of last year’s Alien, was the last track to be recorded for the record as well. And that’s not all the band is up to, either.

On a quest to provide more content for their loyal fanbase, vocalist Marcus Bridge recently announced he’ll be livestreaming an acoustic performance of select Northlane songs June 3rd on the band’s Youtube channel. No word on what songs will end up being played, but you can probably expect a selection that spans the band’s 5 album discography to date. Either way, hearing Northlane acoustically will certainly be an event.

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