Premiere: Rain Division – “Ambivalence”

Rain Division is a brand-new act in the scene, but from the looks of things, they have been in the works for a while now. But on this Valentine’s Day, the band is set to make their debut with “Ambivalence”.

The R&B-tinged sound of the track is reminiscent of Tyler Carter’s solo work, with an infectious chorus and somber lyricism. The video shows the struggling vocalist flanked by an elated dancer, a strong juxtaposition. The artistry of the vocalist’s chops compliments the dancer’s skills fabulously.

I’m excited to hear more from Rain Division; this is a well-executed debut with plenty of polish and flair to impress new listeners. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

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Dream On, Dreamer Has Broken Up

In a social media post earlier today, Dream on, Dreamer has announced that they are no more.

The band made a splash in the early part of the previous decade, releasing Homebound during the golden days of post-hardcore and going on several tours with bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Pierce the Veil, and Silverstein.

Dream on, Dreamer was a band I found in their early EP stages, with the impressive Set Sail, Armada and Hope entering my regular rotation in 2009. Following years saw some strong albums, like Loveless and Songs of Solitude. Most impressive is that the band stayed afloat after leaving label management in 2014 by releasing some of their best work in 2018’s It Comes and Goes.

In the statement made today, the band noted that they are “at a cross road where other areas of our personal lives require that care and attention to be focused”. The band has a lot to be proud of, with many accomplishments over their 11-year span.

Us at New Fury wish the band well, and thank them for their awesome music that we will reminisce on today and in the future!

Check Out Up-and-Coming Shoegaze Savants, Muted Color

There is a massive list of smaller bands that are still in their local phase that are doing everything right but haven’t been elevated to stardom. High on that list for me is Muted Color, a Chicago-based Shoegaze/Dream-Pop band that has a powerful, refined sound. Being based in the same area, I have had the pleasure of discovering the band in their early-goings, as they only have an EP to their name so far.

2019’s Pastel saw the band display strong knowledge of the genre, concocting a perfect mix of eclectic tracks like “Glued to the Floor” with sentimental, slow songs like “Sunshine (Moonlight)”. The replayability for this EP is massive, as each song is as catchy as the last, making for a rare release where one can easily play it front-to-back with no temptation to skip. The band exhibits true artistry as they also provide listeners with gorgeous album art and incredible aesthetics in their videos.

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Discrepancies Release Tony Hawk-inspired Video for New Single, “Control”

St. Louis-based band Discrepancies have released a new music video for their track, “Control”. Both the video and musical content are sure to delight Tony Hawk video game fans.

Sounding right at home on any of the game’s soundtracks, it is a rap-metal romp reminiscent of Linkin Park, Tech N9ne, and Rage Against the Machine. The guitar tones are beefy and rapper ATG Metcalf delivers strong vocals.

As seen from the thumbnail, the dedication to the source material is wholly apparent. It is worthy of multiple pauses to see the stats on the right. Overall, a fun video and a band to keep an eye on.