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Healer releases their new song “Into The Fray” and announce their new album

Healer is a newly founded United States metalcore band signed to InVogue Records. Healer leans to the heavier side of metalcore standing with bands like Northlane, ERRA, Architects, and Invent, Animate. The band is a group that was birthed under the label and have had a compelling and strong launch into the music scene. The band made entry with their debut song Separation on July 23rd. Sooner rather than later the band released their newest song Into The Fray which happens to be the title track of the Healer’s debut album. Into The Fray is a great follow-up to their debut song Separation.  The band’s debut album Into The Fray is due to release on October 16th, 2020. We had a chance to get a comment from vocalist Cody Harmon about the upcoming record and the meaning behind Healer.

To be honest, I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. These guys helped me realize more of my potential as a musician, and together we made my particular vision come to life. Healer stands for more than just music, but a beacon of hope and light for those struggling. My career as a social worker and my past traumas have shown me a lot in my short 27 years. I hope this reaches people like I planned, because we’re very happy to have created it. – Cody Harmon


Decayer release their pulverizing new EP “Shades of Grief” – listen!

Arizona Deathcore band Decayer has released their pulverizing new EP Shades of Grief, and man does it pack it heavy, heavy punch. The new EP is a 4 track heavy hitter highlighting what Decayer is all about, in their best form. Decayer has been making waves in the scene since their debut self-titled EP in 2017. The band is currently signed to We Are Triumphant, and released their debut full length album Endnote last year. Decayer was featured with their cover Pray For Plagues on the notable “Count Your Blessings” cover album, which is originally by Bring Me The Horizon.

Shades of Grief is another solid entry into Decayer’s discography further pushing the band to new heights. Each track stands out in it’s own way. Personally my favorite off Shades of Grief is Cold Wind.


Deathcore band S/CK release animated music video for their new song “Plague”

2020 has been absolutely wild for humanity, but the music release keep coming and we welcome them with open arms. S/CK is a up and coming slamming deathcore band that surfaced in late 2019 with their song “Point of Impact” which was met with pretty good reception. S/CK has geared up to released their new song Plague with quite a visually pleasing music video. The video is a fully animated music video telling the story of the song, which is a straight up apocalyptic hellscape. Plague is a lyrically partly inspired by the popular anime Tokyo Ghoul, and according to the band was written before Covid-19 was even a thing. The video was created by Motus Insaniam and with much appraise. S/CK is currently wrapping up their debut album “Transcendence Through Suffering” which is slated for a 2020 release via Legend Recordings. Give the new video a spin below.

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Rock band Inferzenal release their new song “Until I Drown” – listen!

Mexican rock group Inferzenal has released their video for their new song “Until I Drown” and right from the gates it was a song I added to my playlists to enjoy constantly. Inferzenal really took their bar higher with this song and left me wanting more. Inferzenal has came a far way since their release of “This Moment” in 2015. The band is currently signed with Legend Recordings and this is their first official release under the label. Inferzenal was due to perform at this years South By Southwest festival this year but sadly Covid-19 has cancelled 2020.

The band’s visually pleasing music video fittingly goes well with the atmosphere and lyrics to Until I Drown. The video plays really great with colors and unique concepts.