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Texas deathcore band Crafting The Conspiracy release new song “Cosmic Key Part III Dream Sequence” – listen!

Texan deathcore band Crafting The Conspiracy made their way into the scene in the middle of 2015 with their debut EP Human Error. Four years following the release of their debut EP the band released The Cosmic Key Part I, and now the band has returned with one nuclear explosion of a track. Crafting The Conspiracy has debuted their new song Cosmic Key Part III Dream Sequence taken from their upcoming EP “The Cosmic Key Part II” which is due out August 28th, 2020 via Innerstrength Records. Dream Sequence builds around a darker atmosphere than we’ve previously heard in their material. The new track keeps Crafting The Conspiracy’s signature melodic riffs intact. You can expect to hear about the new record from us as well. Crafting The Conspiracy has paved their path with high energy live performances, high quality tracks with meaningful song writing, and a ever growing passion for the craft.

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Lost Conduit release their debut album “Astral” with 12 guest features – listen

Lost Conduit is a band that has gone above and beyond with their music. The duo created their own hybrid mixture between djent and death metal. The mastermind behind the instrumentals of Lost Conduit is Drew Klugger while Justin Haskin utilizes his wide range of vocals. Lost Conduit has finally released their long anticipated debut album Astral and the guest feature list is nothing short of massive. Astral is the band’s first album and a very well done debut at that. Our very own Mike R. has recently reviewed Astral in full, you can read that here. Astral is a 10 track album built around the atmosphere they’ve created with their music. Astral features 12 guest vocalists spread across 5 out of the 10 tracks, with some tracks having more than 1 vocalist on it. The cocktail of guest features plays really well with the structure of this album, keeping things versatile and fresh.


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Captain Graveyard drop the bomb with their catchy new cover for “Fer Sure” – listen!

Captain Graveyard is a fresh slice of talent that strikes to the previous era of electronic infused metalcore. Captain Graveyard knows their demographic with their music and embrace it full force. The trio mixes the old electronic style that once ran rampant throughout the music scene in the mid 2000s and fuses it with today’s modern element. The band started with a “Don’t Trust Me” cover originally done by 3OH!3, which gained fair attention throughout it’s release. Captain Graveyard has released their new cover of “Fer Sure” by The Medic Droid, an act from the Myspace Era that further takes us back to that glorious period of music. The new take on “Fer Sure” is a catchy cocktail that is accompanied by nicely done lyric video that blends with the aesthetic like cold water on a hot summer day. Captain Graveyard is currently working on their album!

Planetkiller release their crushing new song “Become None” – listen!

Planetkiller is a deathcore band with sprinkles of slam influence scattered throughout their music. Residing in Kelowna, British Colombia, Canada, the band is fairly new with just one EP under their belt and has consistently released new music ever since their first song.  Planetkiller has geared up to release their crushing new song “Become None” via Slam Worldwide. The new song is the second single to release since their debut EP “Treachery” released in 2019. “Become None” kicks off fast and keeps the pressure going throughout the entire track with crushing vocals, tasty bass drops, and anger induced guitar playing. The band is efficient, keeping a lot of the recording and production work inside the band.  Planetkiller has found their way on my top new artists list fairly quickly with good reasoning.