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Geex3 releases his new song “Kitty Kat”

Gee3x is aspiring hip-hip artist that has released a handful of tracks in the last 2 years, each improving in all forms. Geex3 also released a collaboration with Dropout Kings which became one of his most listened to songs on his Spotify. The new generation hip-hop artist has recently released his new song and music video for “Kitty Kat”. His new song continues to build on his core sound he’s cemented for himself throughout his releases.

Metalcore group Smile On The Sinner step it up with their new song “Deadbeat”

Smile On The Sinner is a Phoenix, Arizona metalcore group that packs that extra punch with their music. The Arizona based group made their debut in 2016 with their EP “Lazarus”. Smile On The Sinner has unraveled their new song “Deadbeat” – which takes all expectations and knocks them out of the park. Right from the first chord played in the song the song gears you up for a high energy song, with some extremely heavy and well transitioned breakdowns. The new song comes complete with a well produced music video, tying well with the songs atmosphere. This band is one to add to your radar.

Arizona metal band Like A Villain release their new song “Nature Boi”

Arizona based rap infused metal band Like A Villain have unveiled their new song “Nature Boi”, and yes and it a homage to WWE’s Ric Flair – that will become obvious pretty quick. The new song is a fun high energy track that continues to hold that Like A Villain standard of chaotic groove. The band pushes powerful messages in their lyrics. Like A Villain have come straight from the edge of the Sonoran Desert to swam the scene with their unique version of street metal.

Coldharbour taps into our collective thought with their new song “Hivemind”

Coldharbour is a Cincinnati, Ohio based deathcore group that centers themselves around the aesthetics of cyberpunk. The Ohio based group was founded in 2018, branching off from the members of the popular deathcore act BROJOB. Coldharbour has made a name for themselves with their pulverizing vocals and an immersive atmosphere that you’ll find within their songs. Coldharbour has unleashed their new song “Hivemind” featuring the one and only T.J Yates of C-137. Hivemind delivers Coldharbour at their finest on a silver platter. The rising deathcore band continues to raise the bar, producing great results for the listener. Take a dive into the cyberpunk deathcore band that is Coldharbour.

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