In Defense of “Magic:” Smash Mouth’s 2012 Masterpiece

Smash Mouth - Magic album cover.jpg
A little over a decade ago, Smash Mouth was all anybody could talk about. Every radio, television, and, thanks to the success of Dreamworks’ Shrek, movie screen was feeding into the hype.

The sound was tailor-made for the late 90s and early 2000’s: quirky, inspired by a new wave of modern alternative music after the grunge era was wearing thin. 1960’s-esque organs and surf guitars mingled with ska, punk, and pop sensibilities. It was casual and fun. It exemplified perfectly the direction that alternative rock music was heading during this crucial transition period.
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The New Fury’s Guide to Thrash in 2016

2016 is more than halfway over, and naturally, there’s a lot of new music to show for it, some good, some bad, and most in between. It can be exceedingly difficult to keep up with all the new releases in a year, even for those tuned into various scenes, and Thrash metal seems particularly daunting, as the genre is so prolific, with new Exodus, Skeletonwitch, and Slayer clones popping up every day. The genre is not only huge, but largely monochromatic, making it very difficult to find bands and albums that stand out, and are worth one’s time.

Fear not, though. This handy guide has been assembled through extensive periods of research in order to provide Thrash fanatics with the year’s best, most interesting, and most diverse albums. There will be releases here that please fans of Traditional Thrash, Black Thrash, Death Thrash, and other variations of the genre. If you like Thrash, look no further before consulting this list as The New Fury takes you through 2016’s most essential Thrash albums (so far).

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Assassin – Combat Cathedral Review

Assassin - Combat Cathedral

For a long time now, German Thrash Metal act Assassin have been a personal favorite within the genre. Their debut full-length alone is enough to secure their place as one of Thrash’s most criminally underrated heroes, as it is nothing short of genius in its own right.

I must admit, though, that I was somewhat surprised when I discovered that they had released a new album in 2016, and that they have been semi-regularly releasing albums throughout the 2000s. The surprise was pleasant, of course, but the real question remains: how do they hold up in today’s Thrash scene?

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Drochtuarach – Along a Velvet Night Review

Along A Velvet Night cover art

It’s always surprising to see how diverse such a niche genre as Dungeon Synth really is, and this diversity is ever-present within the epic, glorious, and beautifully understated new full-length release from Drochtuarach, Along a Velvet Night.
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