Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop explains why the band dropped “Not The American Average” from their live setlists

With 5 full-length albums under their collective belts – 4 of them being with vocalist Danny Worsnop – Asking Alexandria certainly have a wealth of material to choose from when they’re compiling a setlist for tour. While the band’s style certainly has changed in the now 10 years since their debut Stand Up And Scream was released, Asking Alexandria have traditionally played a couple songs off their debut despite the breadth of new material that they have.

It appears a certain song from that album – namely “Not The American Average”, a track that propelled the band into the public consciousness in late 2009 – won’t be played live anymore, at least according to Worsnop. Why? These 6 answers will shock you, especially #4!!!

In a recent chat with Kerrang! Magazine, where the frontman also discussed individual songs that have changed his life overall, Worsnop cited “Not The American Average” as a song that fits the category. About his reasons for not wanting to perform the song live anymore, it’s rather simple:

“We’re retiring this song. It will never be played live again. We’re doing it because everyone’s so fucking offended by everything. There’s the whole misogynistic and sexist angle [of the lyrics] that people could criticise it for, and the social climate has reached a point that means we’re going to get ahead of the bullet and retire this one before it becomes an issue. I actually can’t stand playing it, so I’m glad – I’ve been trying to drop it for years!”

Also, Worsnop dished on his love of a certain Yellowcard song, specifically “Empty Apartment”.

“This is slightly embarrassing. I was in junior school, it was my first ‘heartbreak’ and I’d sit in my room listening to this. I have no idea why I picked Yellowcard to soundtrack that time because pop-punk and emo have never been my thing. Me liking Empty Apartment came straight out of left-field – even I was surprised I connected with it at the time.”

Certainly not a song to be ashamed of liking. Yellowcard was a very high quality band in their genre, for sure!

Asking Alexandria are headed out next month on some of their biggest shows to date with Shinedown and Papa Roach, starting in late February. Dates below.