Apnea premiere fiery new song, “Solace”


Color me completely unsurprised that Central Florida progressive metalcore band Apnea have released another fantastic new track. The interesting thing about the band is how they’ve grown over the years – they may be considered a “local” band, but they routinely draw huge numbers in their home state, and having seen them around a dozen times over the years, they continually get better at their craft. Hard work, a strong work ethic, and good music make a band great.

Check out their new song, “Solace”, below. It’s a banger of a track that might bring to mind older Northlane and older Vanna (around the Curses era), and maybe a dash of Reflections, as well as some newfound melody in their sound – that’s about what you’ll get with “Solace”. One thing’s for sure – with more tunes like this, they won’t be mere locals much longer.