Post-hardcore band Anemoria release new single “Jellybeans”

Taken by: Terry Walters

Anemoria is a 5-piece Progressive Rock band from Orange County, California. The band has released their 2nd single, “Jellybeans”, following their recent release of their single “Cashmere Jungle”. Jellybeans is their first single recorded with their new drummer Juan Norato.

Anemoria are:
Joey Holiday – Vocals
Darnell Calderon – Guitar
Scott Ruiz – Guitar
Ross Hector – Bass
Juan Norato – Drums

What stands out to me immediately in this release is Anemoria’s consistency. Their production value is definitely top tier. Jellybeans was produced by Nick Morzov, who also produced their debut Self-Titled EP, Which you can check out on spotify here. Jellybeans is special, it showcases everything I love about this band. A catchy chorus, sporadic riffs, funky basslines, beautiful transitions and more.

Joey’s vocals in this track are absolutely out of this world. He adds a little bit more rasp and truly pushes his voice in this track. He harmonizes well with the guitars and his melodies compliments guitarists Scott, and Ross’ guitar-work.

Anemoria bring color to the rise of saturated post-hardcore bands over the past couple of years and are often compared to bands like Dance Gavin Dance, Hail The Sun, etc. Although, if you enjoy these bands you’ll definitely love this track. It’s refreshing, creative, and a perfect valentines gift. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys!

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