Alternative metal band Vespera premieres impressive new track, “Deafening, Dissonant”

With 4 singles under their belt and Spotify streams approaching the one million mark, alternative metal band Vespera aren’t your average new band. No, their introduction to the world has come in the form of multiple cinematic videos, buoyed by a comforting and familiar sound that meshes together multiple rock and metal subgenres to create something very special.

The band is back with arguably their best song to date, the riff-heavy yet melodic “Deafening, Dissonant”. Color us continually impressed by what this young band is doing – it’s only a matter of time until their debut record, The Thoughts That Plague You, releases. Vocalist Jonathan Wolfe puts on one of his best vocal performances to date, and the thunderous, cracking drums of Jonathan Schwartz serve as a highlight as well.