Alienist release riff-heavy new single, “Severance”

Alienist, 2020

The Australian metalcore scene just keeps getting better and better. Alienist, a new band on the front, have just released their second song, “Severance”, and it’s remarkable enough to follow the footsteps of their genre counterparts like Northlane and Architects.

With a good variation of vocal range in both unclean/clean vocals, several intricate moments of guitarwork, and a mix/master job that elevates Alienist, it’s as strong a start as any band in the genre could hope for. There’s little left to be desired from this metalcore act, who manages to cover all the bases sounding fresh and refined.

As the band is located near the Sydney area, when concerts start back up, they’re sure to make a name for themselves if they can get attached to tour bills. Check out the single below and see for yourself!