Album Review: Powerman5000 – “Builders of the Future”


Builders of the Future is exactly what has been missing from the Electo/Industrial metal scene.

The opening track, “Invade, Destroy, Repeat,” is hypnotizing from the very beginning, full of chanting, aggressive guitars, and overwhelming energy. It sets the pace for what is one of the best albums to be released by PM5K.

Once your attention has been imprisoned, the album dives into the equally appealing second track, “We Want It All,” with a slower pace than the intro track, but well-balanced between pure aggression and catchy melodies.

The third track needs no description. If you have not checked out the single, “How To Be A Human,” then clearly you have been living under a rock, but I will help you out, since this is a song that everyone MUST hear. Here’s the lyric video:

Another standout is track 6, “I Want To Kill You.” How could it not be? It’s a ballad on a Powerman 5000 album! And it’s perfect. Eerie acoustic guitars accompanied by Spider One’s rich, haunting vocals.

The album comes to a close with the catchy track, “Evil World,” that will surely be stuck in your head long after the album is finished playing. Definitely one of the more upbeat and catchy songs on the album, but nonetheless electric and energetic with hints of darker tones. This song is the perfect close to a close to perfect album.

Powerman 5000 are currently on tour and the dates can be found here.

Rating: 5/5

Builders of the Future is an amazing album for fans of industrial/electro music.