Album Review: Anathema – “Distant Satellites”






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Considering they have released material on and off since 1992, Liverpool’s own Anathema has not only come a long way, but has progressed with every release while maintaining a sound that still gives more than a gentle nod in the general direction of the early heavier material.

With delicate instrumentation and two outstanding vocal dynamics not to mention the somewhat prominent electronic sound, Distant Satellites reaches out to all corners of the prog spectrum, a sound so gentle you never expect the inevitable crescendo within every song on this ever flowing record.

Setting this apart from previous releases, Lee Douglas (who stars as an excellent female vocalist) plays a big part of Distant Satellites – her impressive vocal range adds more than just a sound, it adds a wave of emotion with every note she delivers which perfectly compliments the vocals of Vincent Cavanagh (lead vocals).

Paced perfectly, this album flows effortlessly from start to finish, with songs lasting anywhere between 2:43 (Firelight) and 8:18 (distant satellites) on the title track which takes its place on track nine on this well-paced ten track record.

For fans of Tesseract, Shattered Skies, and Opeth.

You can find their new album to pre order here.

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