Album Of The Day: Young Guns – “Bones”


Somewhere between the recording of All Our Kings Are Dead and sophomore album Bones, UK rock outfit Young Guns started gaining a head of steam. It’s easy to see why they’re successful – they have a sharp, anthemic sound that’s really easy to sing along to. They make solid albums, and there’s always a few standout tracks on each. Their arena-sized hooks aren’t phoned in, either – it’s a trait that comes naturally to them. And though their last 2 albums (moreso this year’s Echoes, which made it on our Top 100 Albums Of 2016 list) have boosted their status, it’s 2012’s Bones that remains the most interesting of their 4 full-lengths – taking the more aggressive sound they pursued on their debut, with more of the melodic, anthemic qualities they later developed.

When Bones hits, it really hits. The title track is obviously phenomenal, but the album opener “I Was Born, I Have Lived, I Will Surely Die” is a raucous way to start things out, and it really sets the tone for the rest of the album. Tracks like “Dearly Departed” are more of a mid-tempo speed, but continually roll into soaring, anthemic choruses. Track #7, “Brothers In Arms”, is possibly the best track here, and it meshes well with the single “Learn My Lesson”. In fact, the overall track sequencing is one of the best things about Bones. Instead of just sounding like a collection of singles, it’s clear that here, great care was taken to promote the ebb and flow of the album – which is why it succeeds on all fronts.

Bones is a must-listen if you’re into anthemic rock of any sort – and the band has a distinctly British flair to match, as well. Stream the whole album below, and revisit what could be considered a modern classic, if not at least a good representation of fist-pumping rock that could fill arenas easily.