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Hi! I’m Bradley Dillon, and I founded TheNewFury. I interview bands, write a ton of features and editorials, and I love music. It’s what I live and breathe. Some of my favorite bands include Deftones, Linkin Park, Funeral For a Friend, This Will Destroy You, Rush, Anberlin, Melt Banana, Mono, A Tribe Called Quest, Daisyhead, and thousands more. I’m also a massive sports fan. Steelers, Penguins, St Louis Cardinals, Florida Gators. I LOVE HOCKEY. Thanks for being a fan of what we do here. If you learn one thing from browsing here, it’s discovering a new band or gaining a new perspective on music from the past. Cheers!

Hey! My Name is Alex Valentovich. I help manage New Fury Media, am staff manager, photography manager, and also help with some of the writing. 

I live in Chicago, IL and do construction as my normal day to day job. I also run the site Apocalyptic Demise ( which has been a passion project for me for 8+ years now. It is also how I got into writing and photography. For music I listen to almost anything but you’ll usually find me blasting some hardcore, metal, or pop punk. Otherwise you can find me gaming or watching a movie as I am huge into both.

Savannah Lee Rowley – Photographer / Staff co-manager



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Cortney Lesovoy

Dena Gonzalez

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This versatile photographer found his love for photography at the young age of 16. Being a huge fan of music, he quickly began to focus on photographing musicians and live concerts. He started out photographing performances in small clubs and bars, moving on to larger venues within just a few months and eventually traveled with various artists. He then moved to Atlantic City, NJ, where his work was discovered by Caesars Entertainment. He was brought on board as their photographer in 2012, which allowed him to branch out and start photographing some of the biggest names in music, television and film. Event photography is an art in itself, and Mike’s work is truly that: art. His growing profile of very impressive artists shows that he and the product he puts out are appreciated. At a young age, with a huge career in front of him, he has already experienced what many photographers years ahead of him long to accomplish. Today, Michael continues his work as a photographer and also reviews movies, television and music.


Matt Demyan co-owner- Media / Server and Coder / Everything


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Howdy, y’all! The name’s Andrew and I write reviews and various articles on TNF. Whether it be info on social issues, musical trends, or just an awesome new album, I hope to bring you all something useful and good to read. Some of my favorite artists are Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Iron Maiden, and Rush. EMAIL:


Hey! My name is Sarah, I am a photographer and show reviewer. Ive been shooting shows for a little over 3 years but I am brand new at TNF. Im heavily into pop punk with The Wonder Years being one of my main musical influences. I cant wait to see what shooting for TNF has in store for me 🙂 EMAIL:


Hey there! My name is Annabel; I’m 19, and I’m a reviewer, interviewer, (and soon to be photographer) for TheNewFury. I started writing for TNF in July 2014. Music and writing are my two passions in life and here I get to do both. I’m a HUGE hockey fan and a pretty big college basketball fan. Some of my favorite bands are Volumes, Upon a Burning Body, Myka, Relocate, Dance Gavin Dance, Avenged Sevenfold, La Dispute, Slaves, etc., but I also listen to a wide variety of music including EDM, rap, and country. EMAIL –

Hi there, my name is Sarah, but you can call me “Sare”. I’m a writer and music photographer for New Fury as well as The LP Collective and PlayitLoud Media Group. I enjoy composing photo galleries, reviewing albums, writing for my own personal positivity blog Positivity.sare2. I’ve additionally been an ambassador with Beneath The Skin, which is one of my favorite organizations around. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Eternity Booking too. I’m beyond thankful to have found such a place that I can call home. NFM will always hold a special place in my heart.