Dev Gajan releases a claymation video for his new song “These Things I’ve Started”

Spawning his musical endeavor in 2018 Dev Gajan has pushed himself further with each release he’s put out. His newest entry is “These Things I’ve Started” which was released with a well done claymation and cardboard created music video. The song features Mackned and Gucciboytoy. Dev Gajan was inspired heavily by the wave of nu-metal, punk rock, and alternative rock surge in the 2000s. Dev was also inspired by southern hip-hop. Dev has an impressive catalog of releases under him since his first release in 2018. His newest release, “These Things I’ve Started” is a testament for his versatile style.

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The Sight Of Impact release their new infectious new song “Venom”

The Sight Of Impact is a alternative metal group from the depths of Texas. The group was founded in 2015 with their first song titled “Ballad of The Sea”. The band shortly after that went on to record their debut EP. Fast forward to the trying year of 2020, where “newcore” is sprouting it’s seeds in a ever-evolving scene. The Sight Of Impact collides it’s alternative metal roots with the evolving elements that are being dubbed newcore in their new song “Venom”. The high energy song takes The Sight Of Impact to their highest level yet in terms of musical execution and production. Venom holds some of the best songwriting The Sight Of Impact has projected. The song comes complete with a music video directed by Wade Concienne, who happened to also record and produce the new song altogether.

Venom packs in unique verses with a high energy chorus and compelling visuals. The Sight Of Impact is looking to make themselves known in their respective scene, and they’re on their way of doing just that.