Within The Ruins to release new album, ‘Black Heart’, this November

Progressive metalcore band Within The Ruins are back! The veteran band, who have releases some critically acclaimed albums over the years (for our money, 2014’s Phenomena is a great place to start), have announced the long-awaited follow-up to 2017’s Halfway Human.

Entitled Black Heart, the band’s new full-length will arrive via EOne in late November, and a new single will be dropping tomorrow as well. Within The Ruins have always produced the kind of high-flying, furious fretwork-laden metal that ends up being very appealing, so this is one you should be anticipating, too.

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Captain Graveyard release their epic new song “Drowning”

Metalcore is still spawning flames even years after the genre surfaces, and evolved in the last 2 decades. Captain Graveyard is a band that gladly carries that torch with them. The band formed in 2019 with the release of their cover “Don’t Trust Me” originally performed by 3OH!3. This was just only the start for Captain Graveyard. Fast forward to the later end of 2020, the band has released a few more covers, and their own original songs. The band is quickly gaining their footing in the scene and we’re excited to see how they progress forward. Captain Graveyard has just released their new music video for their brand new track “Drowning” and it is one banger of a track. The new track features the up and coming pianist Misstiq – which added immersive depth with her keys and beats being added into Captain Graveyard’s normal style. It gets better as well, “Drowning” also features Carlo of Breakdown of Sanity (which has teased a comeback not too long ago).

We got to chat to the band about their new song, how the collaboration come to be and the meaning behind it and after learning what it’s about we come to love it even more.

Drowning is the story of a tumultuous period of our lead singer Djennifer’s life. The song describes a period shortly after her transition (from Male to Female). After completing her surgery, she was having trouble acknowledging and accepting her trans identity. The world around her was painful, everything was uncomfortable and she pushed away those who cared. Self isolation lead to attempts at her own life, overdose, and alcoholism. This song seeks to capture those emotions through cold minor melodies and crushing rhythms. – Djennifer


I’ve been a fan of breakdown of sanity for years now and I thought I have to get Carlo on there and he responded and I was so happy. After that i was like hmm.. I mailed the beautiful Misstiq and explained her my meme song idea and she was really happy to work with us and add spicy piano and trap beats on it – Djennifer