Chicho Malo and HANDSXFEET collaborate on “Space God” – Watch!

Genres seem to collide like stars tend to do in our universe, when they do new things come from the molten ashes of the collision – such result of this merger is the emergence of hip-hop infused with metal vocals instead of your traditional hip-hop styling. Chicho Malo and HANDSXFEET are all tackling this broad new genre, and with really good outcomes musically. The two aforementioned artists brought their heads together for their high amplitude track “Space God” – which comes complete with a music video. Chicho Malo is a new artist surfacing earlier this year and has released a handful of songs. Tackling the newly based genre with a vigorous passion.

Enterprise Earth are recording a new album

Enterprise Earth are certainly one of the more impressive bands still carrying the torch of deathcore today. While many of their peers have fizzled out or at least found themselves unable to adapt to changing trends, the band’s three full-lengths to date have shown them on an upward trend forward. 2019’s Luciferous was arguably their best to date, coalescing their influences into something that really helped to separate the band from the metaphorical pack.

Now, it appears the band is in the middle of recording a new record. While the band released a new song earlier this year in the form of the impressive “Foundation Of Bones”, guitarist Gabe Mangold has now teased a guitar solo that’ll ostensibly appear on the new album.

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