Michigan deathcore band Until Solace unearth their new song “The Glut” – listen!

Until Solace is a Michigan deathcore band that surfaced with their EP ‘Fairweather’ in 2017 — since the release of their EP the band has had a line-up shake and a few adjustments made along the way. The results is relentlessly vicious deathcore. Until Solace┬áhas unleashed their newest song ‘The Glut’, and it is a bone crushing track. The band has leaned heavily more into a brutal sound, and direction. The new track is mixed and mastered by Chris Whited. This has shown since they brought on their new vocalist the band that they have gone full speed ahead. Prior to the release of ‘The Glut’ — the band released their single ‘Boots’ which showcased their new vocalist. Until Solace has taken a nose dive into the heavier realm and we are all for it. We got to have a word with their vocalist Nic Cummings.

So the glut is an alien it used to be more humanoid but he ends up selling his soul to live infinitely and the only way to maintain its immortality is to kill. As it kills it grows! Its sent to earth first to feed and get to planetary destruction level in then end all there will be is the glut – Nic

Hatebreed to release new album “Weight Of The False Self” in November

Originally tapped for a release earlier this year, Hatebreed will release their new album, Weight Of The False Self, on November 27 via Nuclear Blast Records. The album’s first single will drop September 11th, and the album won’t include their previously released single, “When The Blade Drops”. It’s the band’s first release since 2016’s The Concrete Confessional, which contains more of the tried and true metallic hardcore the band has been renowned for.

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