Interview: Colorblind vocalist Travis Moseley on snappy new single, “Stay”

Austin, TX-based post-hardcore outfit Colorblind have just released their newest single/music-video, “Stay.” The brooding piece blends poppy production with a bouncy beat, and has a contagious chorus that doesn’t take long to get stuck in listener’s heads. We got to speak with vocalist Travis Moseley on the new song, whose video just premiered on the prestigious BVTV Music YouTube channel:

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Trapt announces headlining show in Alaska, promptly get kicked off the bill within 24 hours

Trapt have had quite the last 12 months or so. Hilariously, the band was accused of fudging their first-week sales numbers for their new album, Shadow Work, which was their first album since 1999 not to debut in the Billboard Top 200. Combined with vocalist // bandleader Chris Brown’s antics and unrestrained tirades on social media, and you have a recipe for commercial disaster.

Of course, the band likes to pretend the coronavirus pandemic – which has crippled the live events industry – doesn’t exist. As far as touring and playing shows goes, anyway. Still playing shows and “bringing it” with whoever will have them (the list is pretty short), Chris Brown continues to harp on the fact that their streaming numbers are still standing up. Pretty easy to do when your biggest single, “Headstrong”, has over 200 million Spotify streams more than anything else they’ve ever released. Amusingly, the band were booked for a show at the end of October in Fairbanks, Alaska, which the band announced a short time ago – and judging by the title of this article, you can guess what happened next.

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PREMIERE: Nevertel’s at their best in “Everything In My Mind”

We are proud to premiere the music video for Nevertel’s newest single, “Everything In My Mind”.

We’ve kept an eye on Nevertel since their debut single in 2015, “Rebound.” Shortly after, they put together a strong debut album in Living Fiction, which was impressively self-produced. Nevertel really started to gain traction with their first EP, Deep Down, in 2017. Memorable tracks like “Cold” and “Down” couldn’t escape my brain, racking up tons of replays thanks to the unique, polished sound of the group. My first piece of writing came about last year when Nevertel released “No Reverse,” and I had the pleasure of previously debuting their single “Another Lie” in February.

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New Jersey deathcore band Ocean of Illusions release their crushing new track “Vile Extortion” – listen!

New Jersey deathcore outfit Ocean of Illusions made entry into the scene in 2015. Ocean of Illusions arrived with the release of their debut album ‘High Tides’. The upcomers released their follow-up EP in 2018, the EP was respectfully titled ‘Ocean of Illusions’. Oceans of Illusions has shared the stage with Lorna Shore, The Holy Guile, Oceano, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, and more. Now it’s time to look into the next chapter of Ocean of Illusions. The heavy hitting deathcore group has released their brand new song ‘Vile Extortion’, and man does it hit like Thanos punching you. Ocean of Illusions have went far and beyond on their new song, taking the band’s unmatched brutality and technicality to the next level. ‘Vile Extortion’ is a follow-up to the bands 2018 self-titled release that will scratch any metalhead’s itch for new music. We are excited to see these guys resurface and release new music!